Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Children's day

Here the day for the Child took a special meaning as the house is full of kids. Only the weather did not want to observe and respect the day and the Declaration of the rights of the Child as it should. It was raining from the morning until the evening. The Day we only could enjoy indoors, We went to the library to read some books and at home Olivia and Daniel played all the time, For Olivia some toys gains now another meaning with her cousin around.

It is a shame that whatever business the Men is involved a single Declaration it will never be enough it must be a Law, This is true for the Declaration of the rights of the Child, for the Human Being and for the Animals (if exist). But probably more sad than this is why we still need to remind ourselves about things that should not been reminded anymore at this stage, It should be part of our breath or blood circulation.

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