Friday, June 11, 2010

Intellectual baby

For the first day I found in Olivia some desiring for a game with a ball, I hope this will arise even more, because I am getting worried and upset about her mono interest for books, always calling for somebody to read a book, there is no time for nothing. And when she comes with a pile of books I know that I need to leave everything and feed her with information, some in English, other in Portuguese and Polish, I am finding hard for me to feed such an intellectual baby :) Good to be intellectual but not so much. The best for me, where I can rest is when we are going to the park.

Today in the morning was wet, Olivia went with her English country side out-fit, but in afternoon the weather change completely, it was lovely time there, The weather and also the few people there were really nice. It was good to chat with other father. Even in our evening, after dinner I could not resit to have my tea outside. This looks a promising weekend.

Once I mentioned about Olivia's love for Asia food, so now she is into Asia style, eating with chop sticks.

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