Monday, May 31, 2010

Angelina Ballerina and Henry

The day took us back to the wardrobe to pick up the warmest cloths, outside it was freezing and windy as few months ago. Girls instead picked up the ballerina dress, Because the Angelina ballerina come to visit our neighbourhood, Olivia even without dress felt as her, she enjoyed some movements of dancing wherever she went, and infected her cousin with the spirit. In the park they were a fantastic couple of dancers, tried all the equipments with such a grace. Daniel made me remember not only Henry but also Billy Elliot. So far the nibbles and constantly arguing from the last time they met looks sorted out, they are now much more friendly with each other.

A word that I have been postponed thinking that the things would be sorted sooner, but it looks that the nightmare in the petrol platforms in the USA it will keeps going without end. It is so sad the events, but more sad is the fact that we will never learn, Or better it is not a matter of all of us understand but the problems is about the System, It is in front of our eyes, hence we tolerate few of us could explore and use resources that belongs to all of us to enrich themselves and moreover leaving the cleaning and the dirty part in our shoulders, problems as this one will always comeback until nothing will be left. The only good thing in this is the fact that those Miserables will also die as the common citizen and leave the fruit of their greed behind. So sorry for them :(

Today I finished this lines at the some time as my mother finished praying through the Rosario, I missed this sensation of safety with our closest ones.

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