Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hottest day

For along time I have not seen such a hot day in this latitudes, almost around 30's. It is so rarely to witness such a a day that we must try to do as much as possible to be outside, shame that this Football World cup keeps keeping us indoors. Because of we are passing so much time in the sofa and feeling guilty today we tried to compensate Olivia with an ice cream and also Shubhy offered her first pop-corn. I believe she can complain that her first pop corn experience it was not watching a movie but instead a football match.

Nevertheless, in the spare time left we had a lovely shower outdoors remembering last year in the Algarve. Of course Olivia wants to do everything alone and did not lose the opportunity to also water the plants of Shubhy's garden, I am sure the flowers will feel her sweat touch.

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