Friday, June 4, 2010


The morning started in the high speed because in a short period I needed to clean the floor as Olivia and Daniel decided to release their urine not in the potty but on the floor. It is true that Olivia tells all the time Samok, word in Polish to be left alone, when she does anything, not only eating. But it looks that she still cannot do everything alone. The learning process takes long but still goes on.

After this accident we got ready to have our day out of High Barnet, In the the underground we went to Camden Town, It is always the strongest card to play regarding what to show to the guests here in London. My sister could buy few souvenirs and we all had an experimental meal, I ate a wonderful Turkish wrap with cheese and spinach. Olivia whenever we going to Camden always loves to have noodles, She likes very much Asian food, from noodles, to sushi or even curry with chapati. The trip was not too long and we came on time to enjoy the swimming pool in my mansion. Justina is right when she tells me to cover the garden because of my Beckham Life would soon attract the paparazzi.

Lastly, to give a word to my diabetics colleges in Greece, I was in shock when I heard that the company Novo Nordisk is stepping out from Greece. This is the same company that provides me with insulin. The reason for their fugue was because of Greece following the crises and the big debit in the pharmaceutics bill the government dropped 25% the prices of this products. But this company having used for years their monopoly position with overprices in Greece now they blackmailed the government and with that putting literal in risk the life of a considerable population. Would be only one person and I would already call them horse leach and Murders. If I could I also would steep out from their products, but unfortunately I need them more then the air that I am still breathing. Everyday, I am losing more and more the hope in this Society. The Men can put on the top the number and profit unlike is similar.

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jorge henriques said...

Olá Helder desejo um bom fim de semana na companhia da familia e já agora só um pequenino repáro ,entâo a piscina nâo tem trampolim? Assim nâo dá para fazer salto acho que é necessário melhorar rápidamente o espaço aquatico, os dias de Verâo estâo aí a chegar!!!!
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