Thursday, June 24, 2010

A arvore dos abracos

In the morning Justyna went with Oli to meet Anetta, Adriano's partner in order to help her enroll in a GP, Justyna is trying to give some support now that she is pregnant and because of she arrived just few months ago her in London, she is not totally familiar with all the procedures yet.

Without the princesses and with a strong Sun shining outside I went for a walk around, without any route planned I just walked through some roads I have not been yet, but for coincidence or not where I ended up? I went until the local Hospital, It looks that I really missed. But at least I know where to find it now, but hopefully I will not needed it. On the way back I sat in a bench in a lovely park and I tried to rest and read a book, but unfortunately the garrote that asphyxia all the time my tummy did not let me relax and soon I moved to another shelter, Now to the library, close to my house where I read the daily newspapers. But, the problem was that I do not know how to live anymore without been with my princesses. Thus, I decided to come home and just wait for them.

Then I felt much better, doing meditation, read my book in warmth of the house and even I did the first moves to resume my career as an artist, I brought the brushes and also read few notes that I will need to paint my aim.

After few hours of course I felt even better when finally Justyna and Oli arrived, then we not only missed each other but also a good sleep, thus in the afternoon all the set went to sleep.

The weather was so good that the dinner was outside in the garden, were not the mosquito around the meal would be perfect, This sounds the same complain I have always when in the Algarve.

Later the moon was waving in front of my house, all the week I can see it from my window, every day and also today Olivia before bed and books went to the window and reply with kisses and good wishes to our mother moon. She tells us from her house up in the top how small and dependent from her and grandmother Sun we are. Funny that in the book that I read after to Olivia from Jose Jorge Letria, A arvore dos abracos, also the Nature was influencing and filling up the soul of the Human being with best-Love. This tree was giving hugs with its tender branches to the lonely children and after to all the people. It was a pleasure to read the story to Olivia, hopefully she will have a dream about the book I will try myself.

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