Thursday, June 10, 2010

Double chocolate muffin

The rain comes to stay. All day was only dark and wet. For a day we did not go out and Olivia did not visit the park. The only thing that make us think that not all is lost and the Summer still would come was a nice grilled Corvina fish I did outside. This made me remember not only the Summer but also Portugal.

The other thing that motivates me to do in a day like this is sleeping. Me and Olivia had a long nap while Justyna was cleaning and organizing the house, When we woke up the house was unrecognizable.

The evening Olivia changed the position with me, today it was her who read the books for me instead of the other way around, But off course she took the business so serious and brought a big pile of books. But fortunately I was saved from this long marathon of book reading with other job that her mum brought, to bake and cook muffins. In the end we all had a very lovely night influenced by the chocolate and its indisputable happiness infect in the hormones.

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