Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Driving and eating :(

I will try to use a break of Justyna while she went to toilets, to write my lines of the day. Justyna is again in last minute marathon to finish another essay. All day I been trying to keep Olivia out of home to distract her and Justyna could focus in her work. With so many hours pass in the park and in child centres and moreover with the fact that I am a father I am sure that I am already the most famous father of this centres.
Today Olivia did another friend, a lovely Brazilian boy. I was speaking with is mother and surprisingly a lot of times I need to ask what some words meant, looked that we were not speaking the same language, For example would you know that Escorrega in Portuguese from Portugal, the Portuguese Brazilian says Escorregador, and other examples. It was a good time with them, Great and lovely people. The days been so busy that we forgot about Olivia's name day, It was yesterday the day of the St. Olivia. She will need to be compensated.

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