Saturday, June 19, 2010

Deus ex machine

Since yesterday I am in shock with the news from the death of our Jose Saramago, I am saying Ours, because I feel him as a closer of mine, To him I opened what I have more sacred-my spirit and my soul. With him I spent hours of really joy and pleasure reading what He was saying only to me in my sofa. Each time it was announced one more book from Him, been faraway here in UK, I started to count all the days and hours that a friend would come from Portugal to visit me and would bring me His last work. Then, for a days I would know that the most beautiful dream was guaranteed. I confess that I did not read all his works but I hope I still be on time for that. Since yesterday he become immortal with his legacy done more than it is required for a Human Being. I have the faith that a day come and we will see some unpublished work or something forgot in one of his drawers, I want to believe on that. At least today he become a hero of Ours, for all us.
The days are passing and the Oil stain in the Golf it is still thicken, Looks that the solution will not come from the sky but probably from an American Hero, from Kevin Costner and his machine. I am still confuse if is this real or taken from a ridiculous Science Fiction Hollywood movie. I am now waiting for also the best end of this movie. Otherwise it will be me who will come out with the next brilliant invention to sort out all the oil stains if not in Golf at least in the clothes.

To have our lunch we walked down to Shubhy's house, the snacks that was waiting for us was divine, the Pani Puri and the Bhelpuri are in my belly and also in my hurt. But not only the food was good but first of all the company, Today we had Ryan and Neil also on the table. Neil come down for the weekend, It was wonderful to see him again, after his holidays and his first days as a doctor.

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