Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bullying father

Finally the proof that I was needing to show how much Olivia bad treats me and bulling me all the time. She uses her position as a child and knowing her reputation as an angel baby to get on with a dominate attitude towards me. It as been difficult for me to show evidences of this fact, but this picture I hope will show what is my calvary every single day. Today you can still see the bruises in my face. The day would not finish without another slap from the Spanish team in Portugal and some stomach pain on me because of the result. But no more comments about that match.

Also, because the match that really matter to me it has another chapter through the end of the week, Tomorrow will be my last day to rest, after it will come a CT scan and Friday hopefully know the result about my match.

The best news of the day come from Justyna, She had been told about her mark of the last essay and it was very good again, 78%. Congratulations for my love.

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