Sunday, June 13, 2010

Now #I believe I can fly#

The day promised big events, just a bid for the first flight across Elstree and High Barnet. Thus, I got blessed in the early morning in the nearest parish, After that the awaited flight needed to go right. Due to unspecified reasons it was postponed from 12.00AM to 17.00PM. Of course the most important time of the day come at a glance. Firstly few paper work, sign documentation and waiting for the pilot that was still in the air. The first part of the lesson was theory, quick but interesting even if the pilot did not have much skills to teach. Anyway, my mind was also already in the clouds.

The plan was me to go with Justyna and Olivia, but at last minute Olivia took out herself from the boat that flies, She felt scare probably because of the claustrophobic planes or because of lack of trust in her father. But, I knew it was too late to make her trust on me, So mother and her was left on the ground with Shuby, Luckily Tom could come and use the spare sit. He also could be an adviser considering his extension hours of piloting.

Inside the plane the little nervous gone, I just wanted to take its controls in my hand and fly until anywhere, but probably somewhere. Before taking off, task left for the instructor, but with my disapproval, He started his small jokes, Was I sure that I wanted to go ahead ?, He was not completely aware about my background in dealing in this grounds, as I already did few jumps in parachuting before get here. I just needed to shack my head and say of course. Was not Tom inside the plane I would have put on the parachute and after some stunts I would say Bye bye to the instructor. But, to be honest I am joking, the instructor was a very good guy. Even if he did not allow me to go closer to the centre of London, because of restrictions related with security reasons. But instead I could fly just above my house, I saw it, it was down there. Strange was when I saw another Helder opening my house in the company of another woman and a small girl. But the time was not for worries.

Definitely the sensation of bringing the plane from the runway to the air is unforgettable, and the winds from the sides just gives more pleasure to the driving. I felt that I could stay up in the sky for much more hours. When he said to turn back I was naughty and bended the wheel very slowly, even he noticed and himself turned strongly to left side towards home, like saying I am still the owner of this machine. I struggled to keep calm and do not bring his machine down.

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