Tuesday, June 22, 2010

'Lianor descalça vai para a fonte'

This morning again we could be sure that the Summer started, In fact the good weather come one day late again, It was yesterday the first day of the Summer and the Solstice. I always have a bad feeling towards the Summer Solstice, As it is from here that the days will become shorter and shorter and the Winter will also approach. It is a very dark and negative point of view but it is here where I live. Shame that I do not have the same type of thought in relation to the Winter Solstice.

Olivia is learning how to take full advantage of the Park, She is not only looking for the sliders and swings but also for the shadow of the trees, I appreciate much that side. It is great to be seating with her reading a book. She even was in barefoot to feel the freshness of the moment.

These days I am with a bloated belly what gives me a lot of discomfort and brings my moral to ground point, but I already know that one day I will fell better, So I just need to carry on. And to look good when the day will come why not cut the hair today. Adriano is over the top because he is now expecting to be a father.

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