Saturday, June 26, 2010

#Cavalos de corrida#

The day was beautiful, Sun shining all day long, shame the day been so short, as usual. Nevertheless we managed to go for walk through the country, We were happy to do some friends in the fields among the eqqus caballus, the horses I think were also happy to meet us, they were all very friendly. After Olivia did one more friend, now a hairy cat. Afterwards when we backed home I did not want to lose the inspiration and took on the shoulders a work to paint the same horses. I hope this means myself back to the easel and having a great time with the brushes and paints.
Probably due to this wild atmosphere Olivia found her inspiration to have her first day totally free of nappy, It is true that in the morning was a small incidents but she is more and more familiar with the potty.
There is a spot in my road where a group of people try to bring together to speak or just meet people, and of course the tea is free, so I am always there.
Witnessed the Sun setting in the park

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