Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gesture History II

In the follow up of my huge research for the Annals of History I will leave few more signs that without we knowing represents centuries of History for the Men in my small World.
With the next ones I will finish this chapter.

This gestures of representing somebody beheaded means the target will be in serious troubles if is not already. This case, a Portuguese guy will be in problems if he does not change is behavior into the hands of a Polish woman.

Snapping fingers, showing that we are ready for some action, or better we think we are ready.

As you know superstitions is something that started back to the origins of the Human being, and the Figas, sign of good luck has been registered one of the firsts

Fingers crossed, Synonym of the one before, Good luck

Passing several times the hands in the head and accompanied of the sound ufff says that we are out of trouble just for an inch or some populars used the word pintelho.

This is the apposite to the one before, here we are just about to be in troubles

Granda Melao or big head, Basically somebody is very embarrassed, He promised but not delivered

Some husband has been cheated, Heavy head. This normally in countries as in Portugal is a big offence

Toma, Embrulha. I am glad that someone understood where is his place

Clean hands like Pilate

A gesture eternalized by the big figure of Abreu. Someone puts money to his own pocket

I do not care, Is not my business

This is an International sign, and means Of Course in India, What is a contradiction to the way we say in Europe

Fosga-se, Chissa, Por um triz, From this one I am relief

Alto e para o baile. Stop, it is enough

I could not stand without showing my Polish skills, So this one means that he is very drank

And now as a bonus the make of of the serial

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gesture History I

Since one day I was intoxicated with chemotherapy, during a Chemo session I was robbed by the idea of representing the body language and signs that I learnt through my life and slowly they were getting lost in our memories. That afternoon it was hilarious when me and Pajo started to remember this popular signs. Probably some of them are known Worldwide, some others only in Portugal and even others I believed only in my street where I grown up. Whenever I mention some of those to English friends they do not believe and laugh.

But to do not lose more time I took a task to document all this signs, This is my small contribution, and I would appreciate if you also can give more ideas, here or to my email. Please understand that this not pretend to be a collection of Makaton or language for deaf people, but is only a silly repository of popular gestures. Almost the same as slang for verbal conversation. The same as Joe Gould was doing all is life writing the oral history.

First set of examples:
Somebody is having pain in the elbow, it means is with jealous, Some people have this feeling for long times through their lives

When someone does not understand some issue, often very basic. We can complement saying he/she is Tótó or naive to not called stupid.

This gesture is for sure the most appreciated but also not understandable by English people. For them this is anecdotical, This fact hurts me because this is part of our millenarian History. A girl or anything is from here, close to the ears. A earrings or brinco. She or it is very nice.

He is too much talkative, He prefers talk instead of action.

Used normally in the first person, this action of self flagellation is due when I forgot something

Commonly saying é para a boca, And means that other person was cheated, and often involves money

Someone is licking ass, or as we saying in Portugal engraxar or polishing. This is a Portuguese gesture to describe an international activity very popular among some employees when they cannot offer sex to their employers and boss

Be afraid, or having Miaufa

Show that somebody thinks is very clever, Espertalhao.This type of people normally gets big disillusions

He/she is nosed, Thinks is from different world, Does not like to keep contact with common people.

Rubbing hands, This means that I am ready, keen on to do something

This is more an international gesture, Something is Delicious, could aim to describe a nice meal or a woman.

Popular action to describe people who takes things from others, Very popular in the politicians spheres in Portugal

Perfect, No more comments

Monday, September 28, 2009

Black sheep

So great the first drawing and painting course day, only the tiredness of been so long time standing up drawing the model cooled down my enthusiasm. Since the very beginning I understood my condition of be the black sheep of the group, All of them probably draw for a long time and even there is one outsider student that uses only abstract techniques. Therefore I am left alone in my work, trying to scratch all the different positions of a model that is posing all the 3 hours class. Next time I also would like to experiment to draw a female model, nevertheless we have the inhibition of a having a student that for religious reasons does not tolerate nudists poses :(
I want my money back.

To understand in which stage I am, I would say that during the time we are drawing the teacher passes around us, and often she tells It is great, fantastic, what a style, But whenever she comes to me she only offers me an ambiguous silence, but in the end when she criticised all the draws from us it was more clear what did her silences meant, as she told me that my draws done with my right hand and the ones with left hand are quite similar. I think this is not a compliment :) But next week we will be there again.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Indian Summer

This days are a proof that we always at any circumstances should keep faith in the future and in better days. It was not too long time ago, last weekend we were very down, living such a bad dream, but a week after, we are in the antipodes. It is true that I am not asking too much this days, But all the family plus Tom and Tazz, additionally the great Sunshine offered us an unforgettable days. We have not done nothing special but we had what we needed most, each other.

Although we are all sorry for not be in India with Shuby, nevertheless this weekend we did not need to go to India to enjoy an Indian Summer day, It was here in Barnet :) The flowers were more alert than ever, A lovely Sunflower keeps growing to look inside our room.

I am excited as well as nervous with a course of drawing and painting that I will start tomorrow.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


In the hangover of the yesterday's oncologist appointment I just want to enjoy what is the most trivial, You should try to seat down outside and feel the warmth from the Sun, or just eat straight away the blackberries that have been picked up from the tree, and you will find what I am finding, This it is more than enough to make you happy. Moreover if your life is ruled by a small dictator so, your life will be indescribable beautiful.

My idea of dictatorship has changed since Olivia has arrived, I thought I would never tolerated a dictator inside my home, but nowadays I am happy living under the rules of the theocratic Olivia, She is always right, Only a cry and I will be there begging for her calm, If necessary I would kneel in exchange of her smile. Out of question refuse an order from the Queen.

These days are going very peaceful, is such a joy for our souls having Tazz always close to us, he is one of us, If one of us are bad and down all of us are bad and down, but if all are happy, nobody will be sad. And this weekend we are also with Tom, with him we are all tranquil.

Here we are missing Shuby and desiring her as to Neal and Ryan a great time in India. Soon we will be together again.

Friday, September 25, 2009


It is wonderful to reborn, It is the minimum what I can tell, Definitely something good it still following us. Somebody was telling to me when we go to an appointment like that we need to be prepare for everything, even for the worst, and I did it, But with such a cost. Last week took me out a part of me. I could not focus in front of a book, difficult to seat and relax, I only wandered around losing myself in each word of the doctor uttered and its implications. The doubts were too many and answers few. This play of roller coaster or montanha russa as Antonio Feio said it is not a proper game for a cardiac.

Today I slept only until 3.00 and then I waited for the morning and hoping to get through the oncologist appointment soon as possible. I was having a very strange taste in the mouth, I only experienced this two or three times in my life when I was frustrated with a minor reason, Probably nervous or too much adrenaline in the metabolism.

Nevertheless Justyna helped me to explain what I was feeling in the morning, Is like going to an exam in the school and we cannot study any more, We are by our own. But this time the appointment went very good, over my best expectations. Today I made sure I would like to be seen by the Oncologist consultant, Dr Tim Meyer, He knows all my history. He said firstly what we already knew, that the last Gallium scan showed a legion that is a Neuroendocrine, It is been already in the back of the stomach for a while, Before, some other scans already picked up but now there is sure what is about. Its growth are slow, in December had 9mm and now has 17 mm, But it needs to come out. The good news is for him there is no need for chemotherapy, it should be removed by a surgery. It will be another major operation, but only who already past through this knows what does it mean the word surgery comparing with chemotherapy and having Cancer. Justyna and Me looked like we would reborn again, we were so happy, and of course Olivia as well. Therefore, the plan is to do first of all an endoscopy to see inside the stomach, because the tumour is close to it, Hopefully nothing will be detected, and then in four weeks I will meet the oncologist again to discuss the surgery. The path is hallucinatory, with a big operation for each 6 months, but this means we are still in the game to beat the Cancer, And a lot of dreams are still out to be conquered, No better news we could have it.

Afterwards we went to celebrate, had lunch out in a Turkish restaurant, Justyna had her Turkish coffee, After the Sun was so radiant that gave us inspiration for a sensational afternoon. Olivia probably also in decompression went for a long sleep. Back to Shuby's house we enjoyed the rest of the evening with Tazz, Tom and Veena. It was great to born again and alive.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Harvest season

Tomorrow we are expecting to know what the oncologists decided to do, to fight the new Cancer, I have been trying to keep my brain away from the tomorrow's appointment, but in fact it was impossible, Nevertheless we are calm considering everything. It will be just another appointment, nothing else, it has been always with that spirit I am been facing this crucial days.

Today all the family with Tazz included went to pick up blackberries around Shuby's house, It makes me remember my childhood, there in the Algarve my grand mum had a big Blackberries tree, Even if a long time ago it is still very fresh in my memory, all the family be together and go to pick up the fruit. It was an excuse to the family be around. To affront the biggest mess from that harvest we all dressed the dirtiest clothes and the hands and faces were always unrecognisably covered with ink. We also hold the biggest secret how to remove the stains, Is using the green blackberries, So the Green ones washed the red ones.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


It is true what I am facing is horrible and unpredictable, but also for sure I have with me the most important to beat it in the long run, I have my mate Olivia always closed to me, She makes me laugh, makes be happy, makes me proud, when all of you and even me would though this as impossible given the circumstances.

A friend of mine was telling to me that Olivia and Justyna was a gift been given to me to help me surpass and mistake the destiny. Without that two pearls I can not see me keeping fighting, The disillusion and sadness would already took over of any hope and joy for living or better surviving.

But this trio wants to do History and go behind the Everest together. Today our refuge moved to Shubhy's house and now Tazz is beside us everyday. We wish a great time to Shubhy, Neal and Ryan in India, and special enjoy the Sun in Goa, I heard also the Food are gorgeous or this would not have some Portuguese influences.