Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Adventures in the Algarve

Ola, Finally is Summer and we are in the Algarve, I am very tired after the trip and I could not sleep at all last night, I was worried with Olivia, Today she is better. here what I love and almost forgot is listening the crickets singing. Tomorrow Olivia will try for her first time the beach :)

Monday, June 29, 2009


I praise the lessons from Sidhartha, I have been in this life for 37 years, I past through different schools, I met a great teachers, but though it is in the life where I been found must of all the lessons to have some peace. I must take full understand from what the life has been put it in front of me, Special what happened in the last year it only will make sense if I carry on with that experience in my bag. Now I know that the happiness will never be found in the money, in the glamour, in the school certificates but yes, in the trivial things, in a single afternoon with Olivia, With a chat with a friend, In a tender gesture with an animal, In a foolish walk to nowhere.
This afternoon I was for sure the happiest father in the world, It was enough to have a cuddle from Olivia when she was coming to me in the park, This afternoon it was only me and Olivia. The pictures bellow is about that moment, Olivia does not do my task of choosing pictures easy, I love all of them.
But the day was also very stressful, In the morning we went to the doctor regarding to some spots in Olivia's face, She told us that it can be Chicken Pox, If it is, let us see if they let us travel tomorrow, Sometimes in the airport they are very strict because spreading of diseases.
But in the evening the worst happen, again Olivia had other crises, just stooped breathing, Justyna was in panic until she start again to breath, The doctors said to us to do not worry, but it is very frightening to witness.
Meanwhile I guess the life must be the simple afternoons as I had today.
From us to our friends from UK, see you soon, and to the friends in Portugal see you tomorrow .

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Olivia in her first pool

The hot days are here to stay, so when I get Portugal we will not feel so much the difference of temperatures, Even Olivia before have contact for the first time with swimming pools or beaches in the Algarve had already her first experience with the smallest swimming pool I have seen in Veena's garden. Veena cooked a wonderful Indian meal and also Shubhy and Tom brought some specialities, Therefore the lunch was great. Veena and Chrishna we will meet soon in Portugal and Shubhy we will see this Tuesday as she is taking us to the airport, Thank you both.

Tomorrow we will do one thing that I love which is packing, in this case the luggage to our trip to Portugal. For a while we will rest from London and from Hospitals, looking for refuge in the family, friends and in the beach.

When we come back in August I will be very busy into Hospitals, it will came the first scanning after operation, the visit to the oncologist and surgeon. I confess there is already a tiny nervous feeling when I think about that. I guess I will never can say I am cure about this Cancer, it is easy to look around and understand that this maybe never will go away, but maybe goes. This is a doubt that I need to live to full know it. I think the next path it is more related with lucky than any other thing else. People can say the attitude helps but in the end of the day it is always the lucky that says the reality. It is important to be strong but even more to have the Gods in our side.

The last thing is to tell friends that now in Portugal I can be reached also in the mobile phone 00351968150031

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lady bird

I do not remember when it was last time I had a ladybird coming inside my house saying good morning, So today I had again that experience. Looking for what they are interested and are reading nowadays it is easy to understand that ones are much more developed and looking for tomorrows business. Last time I saw one ladybird or Joaninha in Portugal they were definitely more naive and never would play tomorrows neither today's business. But their graceful still intact and the vests are only showing the perfection of the Nature Mum and that Man only can copy. Unfortunately this one did not finish to read the book because I did not allow, I thought her best and safely environment would be outside, thus, gentle with a piece of paper took her like it would in my arms and sent her out with a blow like a kiss. All the green that lays down outside of my house and the other insects welcomed her, as she was missed already. We might cross again but any case all the best my dear Ladybird.

Friday, June 26, 2009

This is life!

An intense day doing what we like mostly, meeting friends, After we got so much from my friends it is also time to us give some back. Thus we visited Rob and Sandra, Rob went through a surgery, but now everything is fine. I hope he does the same as me, relaxing during this time off.

Afterwards we went to the UCL Hospital to visit our friend Ian, It is always a pleasure to see him, I am sure that everything will be much better. In the afternoon we went to the park and met Maria and her son Joseph and daughter Gabi and also John, It was a very relaxing time, Olivia could confirm that, as she did a baby friend. John will came to visit us in the Algarve as well as Maria.

At home in the night we had a surprising visit of Shubhi & Tom and Taz. It is always good to have them to have their advises.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I am keeping trying to sour my weight, when I arrived from the hospital I had 60.5Kg and now I have 62.5Kg, So it is a slow march but at least it looks it is on the way or better on the weight. Furthermore I am sure the Sun from the Portugal and the delicacies from my mum will have some impact :)

I am very pleased with my recovery, in the last week all the area around the last operations, either Liver or Pancreas are pain free and are very smooth without so much tension, also the digest is going very well. The only fact but is very small comparing to what I have been is a light back pain, It takes me out the possibility to carry Olivia. So Mum is always in charge.

Nevertheless, Olivia tonight paid me with a memorable set of kisses and a unforgettable laugh.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Olivia in the grove

It was an enjoyable afternoon, I was lucky because at the same time Justyna and Olivia went for a walk a very distinctive man came and sat down beside me, We had a simple conversation but for me this moments are definitely the best things of the world, just chat with other brother. He was from Afghanistan, so we had a very different experiences of life, I learnt a lot with our chat, But ultimately we both have a great respect for the differences, religion, color or whatever. We agree we all are made from the same and we all are looking to be happy.

In the evening we had a very relaxed meal with Jane, opportunity to say good bye, as the holidays are close for us.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Church of the sacred heart

Today we took the day to update our filmography, we watched two powerful movies, the Milk and the Slumdog millionaire, Definitely worthy to watch. It done what any piece of art ought do, break the prejudice, open the horizons and lead us for more discoveries.

The weather gave us reasons to go to the park, Olivia likes to have her naps under the trees, in the cool of their shades and listen in the background the whistle of birds and the plays of other children, Though is the screams of those kids the worst enemy for her sleep.

In the afternoon I did what I should have done before, and I apologise for that, I went to the Church. It was a moment of peace for all of us.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Puberty in the 300th Post

I swear this is not a fixation with mustaches, just suddenly this morning unexpectedly a vast amount of hair appeared grown in all the familys face, the pilose was without control around the face and with a deform shape. Our faces even Olivia looked twenty years older. I am afraid of tomorrow going out and face the reaction of the other people. It is hard to live now on with this peculiarity address in our faces.

Today is the 300th time that I came here to post something, in the beginning the Blog was the way of let friends know what was going on daily, meanwhile I was externalise all my fears. And now is also a kind of diary that I would like Olivia one day could read and looked for the context of her first years.

Thank you for some of you come here to read and sometimes comment.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers day

Taking advantage of the fathers day and the good heart of Olivia, I accepted the invitation and let her take me to a restaurant. It was a very nice Mediterranean restaurant. I hope not too expensive for her wallet. The afternoon was great in the spirit of family. After She took me for a walk until the park. Dali also wanted to be present, of course Olivia was not familiar with him.

We had a great time until in a joke she felt over the grass and did a small cut in her gums. Fortunately after some bleeding she was better and all the teeth are intact. We just do not like boring days, everyday there is some adventure.

Now she is in a deep sleep and I am going outside for a milk for us.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Examples for life

Since after I become a frequently tenant of the hospitals, it is true the times have not been easy, but overall we learnt much more about the life this year than all the others I have been living, and also I was privileged to meet and become a friend of some other people that in other case never would happen. And Ian Small is one of those special friends that I have stamped in my heart, I met him probably in the worst hour of my existence and he helped us to survive that long hours and afternoons when there was no hope. For him there is no barriers to do what he most like, just to smell and laugh with the life. It is hard to suffer with such a crises of pain, Pains that nobody from us have already had, And next have the best smile and words to his friends.

Thank to you and Rene for the afternoon.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Urban myths

For who grown up in the city like me, looking back and comparing with what our children see and feel nowadays, it is obvious the distance is huge, Where is the butterflies that all the afternoons came inside my balcony trapped in the windows requiring an intrepid exercise to release them without any hurt, Not always this was the most important condition. Not so beautiful but more elegant were the grasshoppers that frequently drooped from their disconcerting flight in the football field, from those I was always feared.

Still related with the animal world, also another impossibility of our days is to find out a nest of the lizards, They just run away to the Ocean, I presume. Unfortunately this small animal was always in the middle of the battles between kids, grumps and stones were not suppose to give any mercy to this poor creatures. But it was part of the normal process of development need to be understand.
In the Spring the fields between the buildings and the ones waiting for licence to become erected were vast spaces to the daisy, This ones become also source for more jokes and plays for the kids, often belic shoots when blown from tubes.

Any kid needed to live and would be always followed by urban myths and sayings, Who does not miss that old sayings, deep rooted from the imaginary of any child Mija um, mija dois, quem nao mija é o rei dos bois.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Daniel in the paradise

Time is going so quick, a year ago today I been hospitalized in UCL, I was so weak due to the long time with stratospheric level of sugars, I was everything but a human being, I was arriving in the Accident & Emergency and I did not know if I would leave it. The doctor who was doing the trial probably without intention was very indelicate telling louder in the reception how bad I was smelt from my mouth, this was because of the disease in the Liver and Pancreas.
But almost one year went and I am trying to built up a new life, today I was telling to Justyna that I am happy because just now I start to feel as a normal person and father, there is days as today that I have not got any pain and I can run and play with Olivia. It is unbelievable how good is for me to see her smile and laugh with our plays.
Another joy is waiting us in the Algarve, Daniel is approaching also his first year and Olivia cannot wait to play with her cuisine. She is jealous of the fact that Daniel is enjoying the Summer in the beach.
This afternoon it was calm, Rob & Sandra came to spent some time with us. Lovely.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Get me away

The weeks are getting smaller, narrowing our way to Portugal, Olivia has already everything packed awaiting our instructions for when it will be the departure. It will be a long way through the roads, motorways, waiting for all the bitterness from the weather, as it will not be always sunny storms. For sure all the sacrifices will be worthy, having a beautiful blue coast and golden Islands to conquer.
This afternoon I went to see my friend Bill, along time I have not seen him. Everything remains the same in that stop, What is very good:)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Child again

It was funny our first experience in a playground, Not only for Olivia, I am sure she was very happy, but overall for me. I felt tempting to take out my shirt and hysterical start to run around the other boys and girls, it will be funny to find Olivia, and play together with my future daughter :)
Now I would not leave any scream inside, I should scream more than any other kid from the top of the slide, I would bring out all my expressions, they will fear me at the same time they will respect me almost venerating myself. No more shyness, Anyway Olivia would be proud of her future Father. With my nature so fragile it probably would be easy to disguising among theirs. Tomorrow I will try this strategy. To Justyna I would ask her to pay me an ice cream. I just hope I could recover my male condition at home :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Santa Olivia

It is not all days we have a double reason to celebrate, Adriano has his birthday and Olivia has her name's day. A name's day is a tradition of Poland, according to the name that they have, they will have a protector Saint, and each saint got his day. So today was the day of Santa Olivia.
I have been almost all day in bed, trying to recover, to surpass all the tiredness that I have for a few days, And in the afternoon Justyna cooked some pizzas and pancakes to the dinner, as we had a special guests, Shubhi, Tom and Taz.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


So scare what we had today with Olivia, I still have only that in my mind, Olivia was upset and just started to cry for some small thing even we do not remember because of what. But for moments she held her breath and was not breathing out, her colour become blue and she was not here with us, mummy needed to shake her to force her to breath, Only after she started to cry normaly. Afterwards we were in panic and we went to hospital, There in 5 minutes we were already been seen by a doctor. He confirmed that it does not look anything too serious, Does not look epilepsy, probably is apnea. For this, we cannot do nothing just control and supervise.

After all of us went to the park to relax, essential Olivia, She did so many friends.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I want to ride my bike with you

Finally we managed to fix the seat for Olivia in Justyna's bike, It was a gift from Carla, Filipa, Sofia, Patricia, Ana Rita, Cristina and Daniela in Oli's birthday. Thank you again. Today I do not know who was more happy with the gift, if Olivia or mummy. Afterwards everybody wanted to have a ride with Olivia. She was tired but even though was only up for speedy ride.
It was a great time, having spent the afternoon in Shubhi's house, We cooked bacalhau with bechamel, to introduce this Portuguese dish to Neill. Also taking the lift of Portuguese Culture, we offered a book from Jose Saramago to Tom.
The pain has released bit more today, I guess this will gonna be ups and downs.