Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Justyna needed some time to herself in order to finish her counselling course work, Me and Olivia were just inventing things to do to keep us away from home, not easy considering the cold outside. We tried to ring in a few neighbours. we brought with us few brownies to Sue, but unfortunately she was not at home. only in the afternoon we got our neighbour Jim and Vicky at home, We had a great cup of tea with a lovely conversation, Olivia feed the hamsters of their grand daughter and played with her dolls. It is wonderful, in the heart of London we can experience the feeling of neighbourhood, warm friendship.

Today in the religious calendar is the day of Santa Justyna which makes the Justynas name's day. Congratulations to all Justynas of this World but special for one. I was looking in the calendar for the Saint Helder's day but I could not find, probably for some reason. I only can celebrate my name's day in the day given to all other Saints.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Jerusalem Artichoke

Slowly, I am feeling less tired, bit more taste and appetite for the food. In good time I had this afternoon a Reiki session, the therapist uses also stones, which without doubt gives more relaxation and energy. But, the afternoon was fulfil with the visit of our friend Neil, who is in London for a few days.

I cannot pass the opportunity to tell another experience in the Vegy World, today we had burgers of Jerusalem artichoke. It was really good. But just afterwards I found out its mainly property of provoking a strong smelly wind.
Great shoot from Olivia

Monday, November 28, 2011

Goodbye Henrique

It is hard to tell goodbye to who we like, He was a recent friend but a Friend, He come to help me when he needed help himself, Henrique made me remember Dom Quixote, gentle, genuine, full of humour, human, sweet and courageous. His blog was full of humour, brilliant and always careful towards the others, he knew how important was what he was writing, and the people who were reading.

Last time I saw Henrique was in August and then he was in the Hospital, very weak but nevertheless he told me something which I think describes well his character and who he was, Even ill, in bed he had an argument with a doctor who did not care enough for other patient who was also in a very bad situation. He was always with the weaker and defenceless side. I do remember as well in other occasion when he was in the Hospital he met a person who did not have a family in Portugal so was very lonely, and when he came out from the hospital Henrique managed to get him a laptop to release his loneliness.

As I told, I did not know him for a long time but I can imagine how was his life, full of generosity. Thank you for this years of friendship and your lessons. I will miss our coffee in Portugal and listening to your long and vibrant talks.

See you around our friend.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


It has been difficult to face the food, The impossible happened, I lost the appetite :) It needed to be this strong dose of radiation to make me turn my back to the food. Each spoon is a battle and a victory. This evening Justyna cooked a nice fish what helped the task, I missed a fish meal.

The afternoon we had the visit of our friends Shubhi, Tom and Tazz, A long time we have not seen them, It was good to get some fresh energies and update the news. Also, in the afternoon me and Olivia started to think about the Christmas decorations. I cannot wait to get around with all the preparations for the Christmas, to put the tree out and dress it, Justyna wants to leave all this more close to the date.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


I am now almost all day in the comfort of my bed, last night I could not sleep much again, so I am trying to relax around here. Justyna and Olivia are doing everything, I heard they did some gardening outside, I did not see it but I tasted the wonderful soup they cooked, Can you imagine it was made also with the green leaves from the carrots. Having a diet based on the vegetables let us opened to new expediencies in the vegy world.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Gamma Ray

In the arrangements and set up of the veins to receive the golden product, I had a very positive conversation with doctor, He said again that my two first sessions were a big success, the body responded better than even the best expectations, tumours have decreased size. He also mentioned that if everything goes well I might be more than a year without worry, as this treatment normally consists in three cycles, today was the last, that decreases and keeps stable the size of the not welcome growths. I was happy to listen that but Justyna was out of her, she was all a big smile.

The dose of today's radiotherapy and last one was bigger than the last session 3 months ago, because of that the doctor told me that it will be very likely that this time I will feel more tired and might have more problems with bone marrow and to control the white cells. But after a while all should go to the normal.

Until the time that I need to be alone I had the company of Justyna and Vasco, it really helped me to control the anxiety, but after the treatment started to be given I had only the company of my new friends pigeons that were coming to my window and looked and looked.

All the process went very smoothly, at 10.00 Am in the morning I was ready to come home with Justyna, the only thing is now the tiredness, I am very tired because of the sleepless last nigh and also because of the high sugars, both due to the steroids. During the night I wanted to think about good things but I only was listening and seeing the tickling of the clock in front of me, it was frustrating.This night I hope to have a much better sleep.

Whenever I leave the hospital and I can I like to go to the pond in the park and spend time looking for the ducks and today the weather helped.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Radiotherapy III

I have now all organized, I need to be there before 11.00AM for the radiotherapy of the Autumn Season . In the bag I am taking medicines, few cloths and few papers to write and read. I never can take all what I want because I should leave all in the hospital after the treatment apart of myself, because of the radiation and contamination.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Laissez Faire, Laissez Passer

Because tomorrow I will be busy with different business and I cannot attend my ordinary Thursday Art class instead I came today for the class, For coincidence was the same as Justyna normally attends. It was funny to be drawing in the same class as her. Thus, in spite of missing the Watercolour stuff tomorrow, today I have had a bit of drawing in my veins to fill up my addiction.

Tomorrow as I said I will have other commitments, fill the veins with Radiotherapy and keep going in the right way to do History, and show that it is possible..

The good thing about this days when I need to go to the hospital, either for an appointment or to radiotherapy is the fact that we can thrust in our friends but also in the nursery to take care of Olivia while I am in the Hospital. For this two days that I will be in and Justyna want to stay with me as long as possible and I want to have her close as well, we have already organized a big task force of neighbours to take care of Olivia, taking her to the nursery and to pick up her.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Missed tremoço

Justyna was sad today because she needed to say goodbye to her friends. They went back to Poland this morning. Although we are all very tired, it was very nice to have them here, We were all a bit more happy during theses days.

In the building up for the Radiotherapy day, this afternoon I had a dream Reiki session, I had such a relaxation hour in the therapist hands and stones, I did not want to leave the place.

For evening I went with Vasco, who was with us and girls this days, and joined Pajo in a Portuguese cafe, to speak, watch football, but even more to eat Tremoços, Even if not accompanied with the original beer that fresh seed tasted me so good today, I missed it very much.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Faux pa

Girls went to the centre earlier, because this was their last full day in London. Me and Olivia joined them after Olivia school. Funny that we got lost for a while in the centre. Probably because of not going so often to the centre of London I do not dominate the area as I use to. Anyway, after long walk we managed to find the British Museum and girls. After Vasco joined us and Olivia and Justyna went home, It was the time for us to find the British Pub :)

We moved around all the Soho until we found the best Pub and beer, and water for me. The conversation was very funny but full of faux pa, It was the beers and the multi cultures. The party has now moved to our home, again.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Big family

Back to the museums and to the beauty of the Centre of London. Today we went with all the Polish friends to London but we were so tired that me and Justyna, Olivia and Mika came back earlier from the Centre of London. Olivia was sad because of Vasco could not sleep tonight with us again.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Testing the limits

Another day in the limits, All around London and even in Luton. We went to Portobello and after to Luton to visit Sergio for his son's birthday. I am exhausted, but there is a party going on in my house, I do not know what to do :) At least there is a lot of fun around.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Different battle

I do not remember a day like today, I am tired but happy for accomplished job, means day is over. Now, I understand more what Justyna has everyday, and why she is going to bed always very tired. Just the daily routine.

Justyna had her class in the morning, so I did all the preparations and took Olivia to the ballet classes, and later to her nursery. After, I went to pick up Justyna's friends, who come from Poland and will stay with us for a few days. Finally, I encouraged Justyna to go out to London with her friends, to not lose this chance to have fun and enjoy a day out, as in her old days. I had an evening with Olivia, luckily later we also had John with us, who visited us in the evening. Poor John :) I took advantage of him, he was in charge to read the bed time story to Olivia and I could stretch my legs.

It is amazing how a simple day like today is enough to make me so tired, Also the sugars being all day very low, makes me a bit nervous and stress. I was thinking, I should not complain, because Olivia overall helps me very much, and I think she understands my situation, never pushing for me to the limit.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Always decisions

Early morning we all went to visit the Foulds School, This because soon we will need to apply for the primary school for Olivia, which will be her school for the next 7 years, So it is a very important decision to be taken. We still want to see two more schools.

Later I had my Art class, I start to really enjoy again, as I am felling more comfortable with the watercolours. Shame that I will miss the next week class, because it will be the day of the radiotherapy. Anyway, I already spoke with the teacher, at least I will come in the day before for another class of drawing, and apparently is the one that Justyna attends.

Olivia had a great day, she did another friend in the neighbourhood, she spent the morning in Kalina's house and it is already arranged another playing session for next week. Apparently, in the same day of the radiotherapy, in that way Justyna can come to the hospital for a while and stay with me, leaving Olivia with the new friend.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Moody girl

Today, Olivia was not in her days, very moody. Difficult to understand the reasons for this. She was complaining about a belly ache, asking for a tea, but I am not sure if this was the real reason. She already has and dominates few tricks to how to get her things from us. But of course we cannot respond everything in her favour. She needs to understand our right to the contradictory.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pyjamas day

Today was the day of the pyjamas in Olivia's nursery, All the kids went straight from their bed clothes to the nursery, it was funny to see them all, Also all the kids brought cakes to be sold in order to arise money for other children in needs. Olivia likes very much the silly things, I know from who she picked up that :)

This evening I am going again to watch football with my friend Pajo, I said before to myself that I will not go to this events any more, because I really do not like disappointments and I consider all this emotions a waste of energy, I only go because it is an opportunity to spend some time with friends.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Party season

The party time has not stop yet, this evening we come to our Krisnha's birthday party, we were delayed two days but we could not miss it, We come just on time to give her a lot of kisses before she departed again to her studies in the North. We had a lovely time with our friends.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Queens of Oxford

It was quick but lovely the time we past in Oxford, In friend's house we felt as if we were in our house. We had time to relax, to have fun and today to visit the city. This afternoon we walked around Oxford, the weather helped, a glorious Sun that gave a beautiful colours to the landscape. Oxford makes me remember Barnet, with the quietness of the neighbourhoods, only the people are averagely much younger, basically students.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fresh air of Oxford

Since morning we are in Oxford to visit our friends Rita, Jose and small Ines. We will be here until tomorrow. Olivia is out of her, so happy for being with her idol. But also me and Justyna are having a great time, relaxing with friends.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Bench players

In the morning me and Olivia went to Barnet school, I wanted to pick up my student card. Shame that they did not allow us to go further inside, I would like to show Olivia the College, where mother has also her Counselling classes, for coincidence this morning Justyna was there. With this student card I can qualify for some discounts, which is always welcome :)

The evening I escaped to Camden town, to meet with Vasco and Pajo, like few years ago, the excuses was to watch Portugal match. Funny that in the cafe where everybody was drinking beers and when I asked for a tea, seeing a strange look from the waiter I felt to explain, and I told him that I was with belly ache so I could not have a beer.

At the end of the football match there was not many reasons to celebrate, as usual anyway.

To celebrate, there is only Krishna's birthday. Happy birthday my friend.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Garlic a day keeps the doctor away

I went back to my Art Lesson, Slowly I feel that I am recovering my confidence. Since I started in this new media, the watercolours, I have not felt so keen to go to the classes, probably because of have not been feeling confident as before. But today I enjoyed few things and also it become clear few tricks that has been escaping from my look. We carried on with painting bent leaves and just practising other techniques.

I am trying everything that I know to improve my health, this days I introduced a raw Garlic everyday, It is hard to swallow but I will get used to :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

World of the vegetables

I was commenting with Justyna, I am so happy to see Olivia enjoying herself so much, she looks now a happy girl. Doing what is expected from a little and unconscious girl, Different from few months ago. Probably our diet is also helping her mood, not only getting me more healthy.

Since we turned to organic vegetables, I started to get more familiar with a World that I did not know before, So many vegetables that I never tasted and I even have not heard before. But, now we are all rendered to the magnificent veggies on the table that arrives in our weekly delivery.
Those are beetroot, broccoli, carrots, lettuces, cauliflowers, Kale, Cabbages, mushrooms, Onions, peepers, aubergine, celery, beans, leeks, spinach, butternut squash, chard, cucumber, fennel, Oak Leaf, Asparagus, Spring Greens, Radish, Pak Choi, Pattipan squash, Rockets, Avocado, Courgettes, Chard, Sweet corn, etc. Do not worry I did not have all in memory.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Little hope again

After more than half year I came back to the Royal Free Hospital to see a doctor again, this time to review my surgeon Mr Fusai. And as usual in these days the levels of adrenaline arise exponentially, I have already few years of this, and a vast experience but I still feel a weird taste in the month and a nervous that make me forget about any other thing in this important days. Inside the room of the doctor the nervous slowly calm down but when I come out I have the sensation that I do not remember what happened inside, what was said, if it was not Justyna I would be very confused with all the information.

Today the news were good, The surgeon told me about the good results from the last scan and he wants to review and discuss with the oncologist what should be done. There was a good reduction in the Liver metastases but there are few other bits of Cancer in the body which does not help. He said that an operation is very unlikely in the time being but there is a chance one day, Nobody knows. I will see him again next year, after another radiotherapy session and CT scan.

For the first time since we are family (history that confuses with Cancer and Hospitals) Olivia did not come with us to the hospital, Instead she was left in the nursery, in her World. She is our best friend for everything but should not be our mate in the Hospital business. She spent the afternoon with Gosha, who left us tonight, to go back to Poland.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Marie Curie tribute

In a day that we are celebrating the birthday of that international icon, for coincidence is also Polish - Marie Curie, we decided to honour her with a day focus in science. Me and Olivia took serious some experiences that we followed from a book, so do not worry, all was controlled. The most interesting was to recycle the newspapers, To produce new paper from the old newspapers.
Paper factory:
Gosha's routine, breaking nuts.This was a work that Olivia has done in the nursery, I guess this was her first Abstract work. Nobody understands what is this and she does not give enough clues.
Through this day I was still digesting a movie that I watched yesterday, Biutiful was the name, If you ever have watched you will understand why is so difficult to take it.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Playing with fire

In a day when we already can feel the Winter spirit, days that starts almost at night, cold outside, noisy fireworks from the Bonfire part off the routine, the most difficult thing is to get on and with good mood. To have a brighter day we decided to bake a cake, with the instructions of Justyna, me and Olivia in a team work helped to build up the cake. The sweet was also an excuse to me and Olivia to visit Shubhi and offer a share of the cake. But to be honest me and Olivia almost did not tried our work, myself because I do not want to play with my sugar levels and Olivia is in a stage that only likes sweets made of chocolate.

This morning for the first time in the church Olivia wanted to go inside with the other kids to be entertained by teachers while the mass, This time mother went with her, next time probably I will go with her, but hopefully soon she will go alone with the other kids. She is growing very quick, Too much :(

Pic from Poland days:

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Enlarged community

All the family come to Barnet to welcome our friend Pajo. He is back to London to join the Portuguese community. And of course as a real Portuguese we had a warm welcome around the table.