Sunday, July 31, 2011

#Pussy Cat#

London can also be the most beautiful city in the World, just depends from the mood of the Sun and from the feelings of the visitors. And today all this combined made London the glamorest capital of the World, Everybody looked beautiful and in all the corners we could find something interesting to see and to learn. The Parks are definitely the heart of this place, to seat down and have a picnic and listen the families playing and speaking all different languages is a great experience to witness. Olivia for the first time mentioned that she wanted to see where the Queen lives. We took her there and after she questioned me with 1000 questions, like which one is her room ? this one it was difficult to answer.

Great to be in the company of the Przybylski family, shame that they are saying Good Bye to London, We will miss them and the Polish community will become smaller.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tea in the garden

We had a great tea this morning, Sue invited us to come over to her place, We do not know her for too long but we already found her a very magical person and we love to be in her company. She is very sweet and with a great humour. Olivia after the first day in her home was already arranging a day to come to sleepover.

Justyna and myself been very tired today, we just managed to see an exhibition of Art from locals, it was very beautiful but I guess I was missed in the compilation, probably next year I will be there :)

Few things I am sure about the future and one is the fact of Olivia should become like Justyna, a master in the culinary.

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Parrot

We have not stop in our search for a path to help me to heal my wounds, Today I was reminded that I cannot do only radiotherapy every three months and in the gaps just wait, I need to help myself to get rid of my anguish and diseases. I would like to see myself with more faith and believing a bit more in what can be offered to me, this would help me a lot. So this morning we had an appointment with an herbalist and my friend Bia. She will help me to get better, the strategy is to go more deep in the Chinese herbs, do more meditation and visualizations, and probably in the future I will ask Bia for more help.

I cannot explain but this is going already for few weeks and I have not found any calm or tranquillity, I am constantly upset, sad and distress. I hope soon I will find more peace. Not all is bad and this afternoon I had a good time, we all went to meet Shubhi, Tom, Ryan and Tazz. As Olivia would say, we all went to meet her own friends, She is reaching more and more a stage of independence. However she is now the biggest and the only Parrot that I now, she is often behind repeating everything what we tell, this more when we are communicating in English. Now she is parroting and what will come next, probably Macaco de Imitação.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Graffiti on the floor

The Sun was again Emperor in this land, because it does not show so often here, is seen as a gift. When it is there, makes the things much better and colourful. We are now very close also to board to Portugal, so we are finally starting to have a taste of the Summer. We had the visit of our friends Veena and Krishna before each of us goes on Holidays to different places, although we still do not know if it will cross in Portugal in some point. Olivia sees Krishna has her own friend, she wants to do everything with her alone, like watching a movie, going for a walk, and to have an ice cream, we are seen as an outsiders when she is close to her close friend.

Olivia started a new type of Art, she likes to do graffiti on the floor.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


It is the beacon of our garden, our Sunflower reached now the maturity, I have observed it since it was a seed and then a child and now opened completely its face and spreads its beauty to whatever comes to see it. Today, I caught by a chance a bee dazzled with its attributes. I am really in love more and more with our garden, we spent some of days like today almost all the time in it.

Olivia just come indoors to bake muffins for tomorrow, as she is expecting visits, I confess that I already tried them today and I am telling that they are delicious. Also, she came inside only to have her bath which was with me and her night sleep. Tonight, she insisted she would read for me and mother instead of the other way around, Justyna fall asleep with Olivia reading, while myself slipped downstairs to write this lines.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Being High

Since 1.5 years ago when we moved to High Barnet we have been planning for several times to meet our friend Bia who for coincidence was already living here in Barnet, but for this or other reason our meeting never happen. But, this morning finally we had a breakfast together, the secret was to not do a big business about this, We just met her on evening and schedule for the next morning the meeting. Too many days in between always disturbs.

We spoke about different things but we found a subject that interests all of us, the Herbalism, she is a professional and us consumers. After tomorrow we have already booked another meeting to speak about things, like herbs and natural medicines that can help me through my crusade.

This afternoon I had such a good time in the Reiki session, difficult to explain, It relaxed me deeply, I was constantly drop to a nap and waking up, always seeing a very bright light in my head, somebody was working there. The way from the Cherry Lodge were I had the session, until home took me more time than usual, because I wanted to taste and take advantage of this feeling high, Like if would have been in drugs.

At home I thing I infected everyone with good spirits, We had our lunch outside in a perfect atmosphere, listening the birds and the wind around, after lunch we all tried to have a nap, just Olivia did not let us go in that direction.

Monday, July 25, 2011

No Blight

Back to London the weather was still in the mood of Summer, The kids started holidays and Olivia's park is the proof of that, completely full of children. Olivia looks now eager to do friends and to understand what does it mean the friendship, In Wales she got mad with a little girl she met there, Madeleine. Today in the park also as soon as somebody cried for her and asked her to play together, Olivia does not have any more word, she just sees this new friend, it is like if the world would have finished around them :)

In the afternoon she played in the garden with Jean, and of course her favourite game to play with friends is the Doctor and patient. Later, there was still time to finish the harvest in our garden, there was the potatoes to be collected, Luckily there was no Blight and now they just need to be washed and be cooked. These are our first organic potatoes.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Welsh spirit

We just arrived now from Wales, It was a wonderful weekend, The spirit of party lift all our moral. Great that Justyna recovered on time and we could make it, and be present in Jane's 50 birthday party. It was really a honour for us to be with her and all her friends in her special day. Olivia did not stop during the weekend, she had the most, doing friends, playing and even surprised everyone when picked up the microphone and started to sing, I could not believe and I remember to drop a tear of emotion.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Into Wales

Good morning :)

Justyna woke up feeling better, and the Sun has been shining, now we are waiting for our lift to go to Wales for Jane's birthday party.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Going into the wild

Last night I watched a movie which would be present in my mind through all the night sleep, It was as strong as beautiful, Going into the wild left all of Us, me, Justyna, Krisnha and Veena breathless. They showed us, that we do not need to be just one more but instead to find our own road. There was too many things in the film that made feel attached.

We stayed overnight in our friends house, and we did enjoy very much the time together, this morning we went to the park, This one with a pond, we all jumped in the water. Justyna today is feeling very bad from her belly, we even were planning to go Wales this evening to spend the weekend celebrating our friend Jane's birthday and we postponed for tomorrow. If Justyna will feel better tomorrow morning we still will go to Wales.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sleep over

Through my Life I woke up already with several moods but like today I do not remember, When I stood up from bed I came downstairs and even before I reached the toilets I felt a very weird swollen in my neck, something that was moving through the neck until the shoulders inside the skin and I never felt there until this morning. With not panic but also knowing that my day will gonna change, I decided straight, that I will not go to the workshop about drawing and paint that was booked for today and I picked up the phone and I called to the hospital to ask about this. The nurse from the oncologist team said that it looks like a Lymph node but to speak firstly to the GP, which I did after I got an appointment in end of the morning. The GP said, I should not be too worried as this looks like a gland, and probably is related with any infection, and in fact I have been with a cold for almost a month. So now I will wait and see if this is nothing in special, which I hope.

So, after this event the day turned completely direction, until afternoon I felt quite awkward, mostly for missing the hours with my drawing tutorial :)

But we had the compensation in the evening, we went to spend the evening and past the night in Veena and Krishna's house. We had nice food and a lot of laugh.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beginning of Holidays

In the morning I went to the Hospital to do another weekly blood tests while Olivia went with Justyna to the doctor due to the diarrhoea that has been latent, The doctor again did not find anything nasty plus back home Oli did a more hard poo which was very encouraging. Despite this troubles she could not miss the party in her nursery, specially that this would be her last day, so she could not stay at home. She dressed her fairy costume, in fact it was Lilac fairy from the Sleeping Beauty, and took the cakes and sandwiches and joined her colleges to the party. To be honest I do not remember to see her so happy and energetic as I saw her in the way from home until the nursery . Probably she was thinking that this was the starting of her Holidays, I remember myself the feelings of finishing a term and starting days in the beach and playing all the time.

We picked up Olivia slightly earlier from the party because in the afternoon we went to see again the psychoterapist, While we went inside the room Olivia stayed with Shubhi, she had a special treat, there was ice creams and toy shop. Today's meeting with the psychologist I did found very useful, I must take a lot of lessons from the conversation with her.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


The wheel of diseases turned again to Olivia, Justyna was much better today, but Olivia still goes with a persistent diarrhoea, today in the nursery they sent her home because she was again weak and pale, Tomorrow we will go to the doctor to see how to get ride of this bug. Olivia hopes tomorrow she could be better to go to her last day in the nursery, she was even busy but happy cooking cakes to take to the party. It was not the party tomorrow and she would have been already dispatched to Portugal, She was only convinced to stay after we told her about the event, and I do understand her, she wants to feel the Summer.

For me the day went quick, I did a few things that made me more happy, When the Sun was still shining I met my neighbour and friend Jim outside who offered me a book which he told me that was inspirational for him, So now I need to discover The Case for Faith from Lee Strobel, a faith book to follows the one I am still reading and much more unfaithful the Greatest show on Earth from Richard Dawkins, about the theory of evolution of species, to be honest I am finding too specialist. This discussion and others were addressed in my meeting with Bill and John :) Finally we were able to repeat our afternoons like we did more than five years ago when our three live together. It was a big laugh :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Giant courgette

It is not only in Portugal but also here we can wait too long for an appointment with a doctor, I had a terrible fungus that for a while I almost could not walk because of that, all the medicines prescribed by the GP did not work and I have been referred to a Dermatologist. But only today, almost two months after and when the problem is better I finally saw the dermatologist. In few minutes the doctor concluded everything, I told him my history, the medicines that I took and did not sort out the skin problem, but also I told him my believe that it was a special honey that I applied in the wound that had helped to improve the skin problem, When I said that I saw such an ironic smile that I did not know if I should been sorry for me or for him. I am not sure about anything but He is sure about everything, Good.

Back home I still had time to go to the Barnet Countryside Centre with Olivia, Justyna today has been in bed, Looks like the bug went now to her. But on our way to the centre me and Olivia found a huge courgettes that somebody was giving away. It will be a lovely meal.

Olivia in the afternoon had a great surprise, I brought a lot of books from a freecycler, she was in heaven.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Emancipation at 3 years old

It was a weekend day, there was not nursery but Olivia reserved a surprise for us, He let us enjoyed the afternoon alone :) We went after the mass to visit Shubhi and Tom, but when we all were supposed to come back home, Olivia answered that she would like to stay with Shubhi, Of course Me and Justyna were as much surprise as happy, we straight ran away from Shubhi's house before she would change her mind. Slowly, Olivia is starting to give space to other people to conquer her confidence.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Little Red Riding Hood

I cannot foresee anything more exciting than to listen in the morning the weather forecast for the day and for the rest of the week. Today and as usual they were saying, we would have rain, tomorrow light rain and after tomorrow heavy rain, etc. This is definitely the country of the scorchio, Remember The Fast Show when the weather forecast for Greece was always hot days but here and in Scotland always rainy.

At least it makes easy to make the plans for the week, If possible stay at home :)
Today we did not have only rain from the sky, we had also Stars falling, In the church there was some kids singing popular songs, I did enjoy very much and their quality surprised me very much. It is a good feeling to listen talented people.

In spite of the busy morning, I have been very tired, The sugars are not too high but I was so tired, the legs had constantly cramps what happens usual due to the diabetes. Nevertheless, at the first Sun spell in the afternoon I convinced myself to come out of the bed and go for a walk with the family. It was the best decision possible, The walk was wonderful, Olivia also enjoyed the walk through the forest, it was an area that we do not go often, with a lot of different trees. Around the lake we met and had a conversation with a lovely lady, I wish all the best for her and her family, She also finds her life difficult.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Kids party

Olivia had a friend's birthday party today, she was so excited with the party and to sing the Parabens that we arrived earlier in the party, we were the first guests. It was funny to witness how much the kids grown up, Exactly a year ago we met the same kids in Jean's birthday, they are all now much more independent and more communicative, the parents are only needed to bring them. Olivia brought a guitar for her Brazilian friend, I have the feeling that we will contribute to the arise of a new rock star in a few years, So memorize the name of Jean.

I was all day very tired and with belly cramps through the day but tomorrow I am sure I will be better, Olivia is also now with a diarrhea, and a constantly farting, as father. She is already telling that it was me or mother instead of her.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

In the centre

Me and Olivia had a long day together, we went to the centre to take fresh air and to meet John. Olivia was very happy to see him again after his journey through the Iberia. John has something special that Olivia recognises, She not always opens herself to strangers and even to friends, but with John she has been always happy to play and to be close with him. We went altogether to Finsbury Park, and Olivia enjoyed very much the time in the sand, to play hide and seek around the trees, there was also an ice cream and hot chocolate.

In the end we all were tired but it was a really nice afternoon, Shame that I lost again in the chess.

Now I just want to relax and enjoy all this good sensations. I have almost everything, in this I am almost like everyone.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Beetroot fantasy

Morning drove us again to the GP to check if Olivia has any infection. The doctor again did not find anything suspicious, But back home she vomited and had diarrhea, so we are still not calm and we will need to keep following her. This is all very odd, on the way that she does not have anymore any fever, she does not complain about whatever and she does not look too weak, but also she does not look too well.

Today I would say it has started in our heads the countdown for our holidays in Portugal, It will be an opportunity to confirm that this is the Summer season, Here in London today we though even to switch on the heater, this gives an idea how has been this so called Summer time here. We all miss not only the weather but more the friends and the family and Olivia of course the beach.

I also had news from the Royal Free Hospital, I have already booked my next radiotherapy session, which will gonna be straight after comeback from Portugal. I am happy to have this day already down in the calendar, in this way I can now plan a bit more the future.

Down a picture of the beetroot fantasy, that I found very funny. Apparently it is not only funny when it comes out. This vegetable is an essential product of our diet, but often scares me when I am going to the toilets, as it is coming always very red, like blood. It is necessary to keep cold blood to see it.
Olivia has been very generous with my figure.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Princess Aurora

Olivia does not have fever since yesterday afternoon, this morning she was in such a good shape, with a very good mood, Then we decided to take her to the nursery, But after an hour we they called us because she was not enjoying to stay there, just wanted to sleep and stay in the lap of the teachers, She most be still with a virus. At home she slept all afternoon. Today our bed was left dry and clean. Tonight, we can go back to our mattress again :)

With all this rest in the afternoon the problem will be in the night, Olivia will stay up until late. A couple of hours already went by, We been entertained watching in the Internet the ballet Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty, Olivia is completely fascinated by this classics. Probably her long rest was duet from a pike from one of Aurora's Roses.

Myself had a Reiki session today, All the session and throughout the day I could not find the calm and the good thoughts to fly through the day. I will try tomorrow.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Last night Olivia had a very high fever as well as this afternoon, We went to the doctor but understandable she could not do a full diagnosis, because Olivia does not present any specific pain, or blocked nose or any rash, The doctor booked another appointment for this Wednesday to see if there is any new clue. We are still scare of this being Measles as apparently there was an outbreak of this disease in Olivia's school. Today, Olivia did not go the nursery and was treated as a princess. There was hot chocolate, Peppa Pig and books all day.

The only time we went out was to the library, she wanted to pick up her favourite book that she had reserved, Gorilla by Anthony Browne I already promised that I will paint or draw the Gorilla, as she loves it.

In Portugal I know two persons who are the most happy in the World.