Saturday, July 31, 2010

Missing other half

Almost back to normal, the foot is much better, only a new spot but is not in the exterior part of the foot, also I can go out again, and the freshness of swimming pool was tasted again by this bones as well. The normality is proved by the tiredness, probably highlighted by the heat wave that is bigger than ever. Tomorrow there is party my sister has her birthday.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Life too short

Sad morning, to wake up with the unexpected news that announced Antonio Feio death, After more than a year since started his journey against the Cancer he has departed. Some time ago, to know the death of a public person or not in that circumstances would touch me but I would carry on with my life, now being in the other side also with Cancer in the Pancreas this news hurts so much, deeply, as losing something that I do not know what. I do not know how many days I will think about him. It is true, the reason is not only to know that Feio has died but is also for confessed egoistic reasons, the comparisons are crossing all the time my mind. Such a fighter and a positive person could not beat the Cancer why I would do it? This week other innocent man Tiago Alves has already fall under its strength. I do not like to focus or highlight somebody for being famous or rich but when I am speaking about Tiago Alves or Antonio Feio I am also doing for what they represent, as a symbol and examples. We cannot forget all the others Antonios Bonitos that died in the same circumstances, suffering to carry on and holding they lives until the last.
Lots of love for them and for whoever is suffering.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Caramujeira city

I am deeply suffering from Justyna and Oliviasickness, I am not going out from my room here in Caramujeira city because of the foot pain. Lucky I have my parents around and either my Pirucas and Kiko around my bed, they do not leave the bed and myself alone, sometimes on the top and others under the bed, They are very good friends of my. Regarding to the foot, I think is getting better but only tomorrow I will find out when I will remove the strap around the foot.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just another day

As I suspected today I had just another day, I am still keeping my foot out of the floor to let it rest and heal, I cannot see how are the blisters in the foot at the moment because it is wrapped in a plaster but at least the pain are not worst, what it is a good sign. Today, I only went with my parents to Nsa. Senhora da Rocha, but I cannot go to the beach so I only overview the beach and the sea.

I am missing a lot Justyna and Olivia, only the skype is helping to distract the brain.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Levante on the shore

Today was the day that Justyna mum's father was buried, He might rest in peace. I was not there but, I believe it was a very difficult day for all the family. I spoke only in the evening with Justyna and it was notorious how tired and exhausted she was. Myself paid a visit to my friends in the hospital of Portimao, I needed a reason to visit my cousin Nini. I went to the emergency because of the pain that persists in my foot. The answer was a kind of plaster in form of a pillow around the foot to protect it when I walk. I will wait probably a couple of days and if does not get better I will call to my oncologist in London to see if it is possible to do anything.
Tomorrow it might not be a better day but at least will be another day.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Full moon

The days are in the hold, Justyna and Olivia are few thousands kms away and myself are passing all day at home in bed. I am resting at home not only because of missing my loves but also because of a strange marks and pain that appeared in my foot. Today I went to the doctor but it is still difficult to tell what can it be, At the moment I am keeping taking my daily antibiotics and pain killers. It is three spots that become whiter and painful in the last days that does not allow me to do any step. I will wait few more days to see if it will get better otherwise I will need to go to the emergency soon. The holidays are threaten to become what has been our normal days through the year, going to the doctors and pharmacies. But at least in bed I can read and enjoy the care and food of my dear mum.

Good today was the full moon around here, it was so bright and beautiful, It gave me some inspiration for the night.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Other half in Poland

Such a long day, Justyna and Olivia would feel it even longer. I took them to Tunes to take the train to the airport of Lisbon in order to board to Warsaw, but unlucky the train broken down at half way and there was no signs of being sort out shortly, so the only chance to arrive on time for the flight was only taking a cab to Lisbon. With the help of Filipe that was waiting in Lisbon they did the check in just 15 minutes before the gates closed. I have not spoken too long with Justyna yet but she told me also that the first flight went also delayed so they struggled to take the transfer from Zurich to Warsaw on the right time.

I assisted all this by phone. At least all are ok now in Poland and I am also ok but very tired.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Unexpectedly like all the death Justyna's grandfather had his last day last night, It was a very difficult day special for Justyna, She is now flying to Poland tomorrow morning with Olivia from Lisbon. I will not be there physically but I will be in mind. His grandfather was very good man, with a good heart, but unfortunately not only the bad men pass away.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sublime pathos

We come in holidays but not all of us can enjoy the freedom of this days, Myself and Olivia are lost in the swimming pools but Justyna is doing hard to finish another essay, so the beach will need to wait. The deadline is already next week.

Istambul is the next stop

Just in time we met Carla Luis & family, before they board to Turkey, that it is already tomorrow, It was a great morning and with a magnific lunch. The reception from the family was as usual very friendly and warm. Probably next time we will meet them again will be now in Istanbul. I like to have this kind of aims.

But in the evening we took advantage of the great weather and went to Armacao de Pera for an ice cream. I was happy to see a lot of improvements in the village. It is much more human now.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Of course the first thing in the morning I wanted to do was to go to the beach, the water was slightly cold but it was wet, the only thing that matters, Olivia I am sure will like the waves even more as more as the days will pass by. Acknowledging all my wishes my mother bought a nice sardines for lunch, but of course also the watermelon needed to be on the table.

The days here got a different shape but also different time, The sensation is that the days are longer, I can sleep and do other things and still there is time for something else. Probably because of feeling more relax my back pain also decreases a bit, only the several ulcers in the month because of the new medication is taking away the chance to taste the food.

In the evening Olivia played with Dani and was discovering her roots through old albums with pictures of the family.

Before go to sleep we could afford to go to the beach, just to listen the waves and see the moon and the stars that were particularly shiny tonight.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer in the Algarve

Iupy, we are already in Portuguese soil, with 35 degrees and surrounded by the cicadas with their unmistakable sing. The journey was too long, all day from London to Faro via Bristol. It would finish today and would be already worthy our trip because of seeing the family and for the fish cooked by my mother for the welcome. The evening it was great with grandparents, Olivia special enjoyed to play with her grandfather.

Tomorrow we will look for the beach :)

Monday, July 19, 2010


In the last day in London, before we fly over to Portugal we had a visit of my friend Sofia for a day, not much time but enough to review again and Olivia spend time with her God mother, The weather was great, we could enjoy an ice cream, But later we had our traditional coloured cup cake. I was tired but I could not sleep while Sofia were here as she did a journey of 5 hours only to come here to visit us, so I could not disappoint her. Today we left our flowers to Shubhy to get her care during the time we will be away.

Now we need still to pack all our things to depart tomorrow early morning as we are getting our flight from Bristol to Faro at 5.00 PM. It is the first time I will fly from there, it is further away from our home but it was the only chance affordable, as all the tickets from London were so expensive.

Here is Sofia and Olivia looking for the small insects and creatures around my home, they found a lot of transformed ants. They are huge and with a big tale.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

New doctor

The day that we flying to Portugal suddenly is already so close, after tomorrow. Before that, today we had a big birthday party, we all together celebrated Neil's birthday but also is graduation, since yesterday he is the newest doctor. The weather did help with a majestic Sunshine, even if would not be necessary because of the nature of the guests, people are already so warm and friendly. Funny that also the Moon did not miss the event.

Olivia enjoyed also very much the afternoon, she got on very well with Antoine, also half Polish, they played Hide and seek, I also could not refuse to play, It was very fun.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

First birthday party

This day Olivia inaugurated her first Birthday party in her busy social schedule, Her fellow Jean had his second birthday and Olivia had the privilege of been present as other friends. It was amazing the spectrum of cultures and backgrounds in the party. Jean shares the same situation of speak different languages as Olivia, with a Brazilian mother and father from Venezuela.

But the fresh news is about our Holidays, We found a cheap flight to Portugal to stay on time for the Summer, The plane is to fly already next Tuesday at 20 of July.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Real dream

You cannot believe in what happened to me today, when I went to the oncologist to my regular appointment. Straight at my arrive I found very strange the atmosphere in the room, There was a lot of people circulating around, Some guys queuing were transporting folders to outside in a frenetic pace, I needed to move away to not be hit by them. When I went to the reception to report my appointment to the doctor I saw a nice black lady that normally stays in the reception. But for my surprise instead of doing what she does better, administrating the services, she was with a cloth and mope washing the floor. Her look showed a very sad person, Only when I realised that I will not find anybody else to talk in the reception I went for her, I called her but only after I screamed she looked back to me and in a very disrespectfully way, something that I never seen on her, She asked me what do you want? I was scare about all that, and I replied softly and gently that I am sorry but I only would like to see doctor Tim Meyer!, For what? she asked me again even more rude, if that was possible. Sorry but I come for my appointment! She laughed but quickly she returned her teeth inside her big month and now in very serious manner she told me, So you still do not know the news, and me now completed taken by fear and panic only open the month to say, uat?, So my dear the Cancer has finished, The Cancer will not kill nobody else, again me, are you crazy? I wish I would be, then I would still having my work on that desk and will not be here on this floor doing cleaning. Anyway I tell you what happened, but I do not want to see you anymore, So, to cure the beast you just have to eat a lot of row cabbage on the breakfast and carrots before go to bed, and this will be enough to get ride of your Cancer, All this patients that once made this Hospital or house full and with a lot of prestige already did that and nobody else comeback here. After she turned her back and bent to her duty on the floor, I could not asked anything else, then instead of been happy I thought to myself, I must be dreaming, and in reality I was :)

When in the morning I enter in the room to confirm my appointment I almost laughed because the room was half empty and there was a man coming out with a folder, I told to Justyna the dream almost come through. But No, all were the same. The doctor that saw me today did not tell me anything else, It was just to know my symptoms since I am having the new medication, She prescribed capsules for the heartburn, a liquid for the ulcers in the month and pills for the cancer enough for 6 weeks (good autonomy), in the case that I would go in holidays.

After the appointment I was very sensitized with a call from one nurse, She called me on the side and gave me a book about some pastor from her religion who heels all the diseases according to his followers, More than the religion issue this fact showed deeply how much this lovely lady cares about me. She is somebody who since the beginning, around 2 years ago, always plays with Olivia whenever we came and she asks me also how am I.

In the afternoon we went to Veena's house to meet and see each other after I have been away.

Statistic about cancer incidence:

Thursday, July 15, 2010

New mean of transport

Day one of New time started today, yes, because for the first time I have been so long away from Olivia it has had shown myself how much I love her and need to see her at least a thousand times a day, But this serves also for the older princess. In the morning we had more time to speak and see what they have been doing while I was in Portugal. The weather was nothing else than a winter day, I took my jacket that I used in the winter. Only when appeared a window in the sky we risked to go outside to go to the park, We also pass in a second hand shop to buy an umbrella to Olivia, Additionally we found a new mean of transport for Queen Olivia, a lovely carrier bag pack. Today as I promised I will show all the pictures from my trip to Portugal.
The first day, was what I most expected, the concert of Pearl Jam but also the reunion with my old friends. The Pearl Jam was stronger than ever, looked that the age never pass through some ones, I cannot tell the same about me :) In the end I was very tired and with back pain. But it was a great experience to feel again all the emotions.
this was LCD soundsystem

The second day brought the depression to the Portuguese people, In the end Nuestros Hermanos, Espanholitos, they got the cup, I will never forget this day :(
Nevertheless, before, the day was going so well, with a magnifico lunch in a charismatic restaurant in Santos. I had a taste of the spirit of Lisbon.
Third day my parents came to the mountain to visit their son. I established for two nights in Pajo's house after been in Filipe's house.
Fourth day, Finally I went to the beach and faced the Sun and the water. But also I met more friends in a diner in the Bairro Alto in the classic Calcuta restaurant. The star was Maria, so cute baby. This part of Lisbon still magic.
And in the last day I met my former team mate, Henrique :)Meanwhile, in London the life did not stop and there is records of Olivia going to meet her Polish young friend Kuba