Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Not only Black and White

Happily the weather was much better today, My family, special Daniel, started to believe that here nobody have seen the Sun and the perspectives are good for all week, lets keep fingers cross. In fact the bad weather does not disturbs me because in that way I can be more close with my mother at home, but for kids it is better the Sun, then they can go to the park or just enjoy the swimming poll in our patio. To be honest I am the first to jump to the mega pool.

Today I had an appointment with a different Doctor, from an alternative medicine, more spiritual. The aim was achieved, I felt a psychological effect and physical for sure it did not harm. I strongly believe that the Life cannot be Black or White.

Sometimes in Portugal we tend to react and victimize when there is any interference from outside, but the facts still show us how much we must learn with other countries, The economical development is directly related with the social and ethical development of the same country, Just consider for what made the President of Germany to resign, if this would be transported to Portugal I cannot imagine how many politics will be out. For our Prime Minister this situation in German is a big anecdote to be told around the table with his ministers.

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