Friday, September 30, 2011

Cliffy boy

Very busy day, there was the regular morning walk to Cliffy empty his bowels. We were almost all day outdoors, as the weather has been amazing. There is no words for this blue sky. This afternoon I managed to go to the fields to pick up blackberries, and I enjoyed so much in the company of my new friend Cliffy. Next week he will go back to his owner, I will really miss him.

This evening we have the visit of our friend Vasco. We are just chilling out. Tomorrow will be another great day, we are off to Norfolk broads.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

New routine

This days we are having a new routine, and the responsible of that is the new tenant, Cliffy, Morning we are going for a walk to see if our boy relaxes as he is still missing very much his owner, Nevertheless, today we were happy to see him eating much better. The walks continues in the afternoon and even in the evening. Tonight I found energies to go with my princesses for a walk with the doggy, this evenings are unbelievable warm, looks like a night of July in Portugal.

This afternoon I went to pick up the blood result from my test done two days ago, and I was not very happy, my white cells are again very low, so I am afraid that soon they will call me again from the Oncology.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

No lo creo en brujas, pero que las hay, ¡las hay!

Today in the morning we gave a very warm welcome to our guest. Cliffy is a beautiful poppy that does not give us any work, He is very shy, we are looking to get more of is confidence to see him playing more. Unfortunately, today we did not have too much time to have fun with him, Justyna went for another Art lesson and myself to the CT scan. I did go for my CT scan but the unexpected happened. I could not play to win the lottery, I need to bet again for the next week's jackpot. When I was going to have my scan done, I needed to give my turn to an emergency case, but unfortunately that person could not have already is scan done because the machine broken down, I waited to see if the machine could be repaired but it was impossible, I will need to come for another try next Tuesday. It was a very unlucky situation to be the first person to not have the scan done, but also they have two CT scans, one broken in the morning and this one broken in the afternoon. Too many coincidences. I do not believe in witches, but there are, there are!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Playing in the lottery

The days of decisions are surrounding us again, today was the harmless blood test in the Barnet Hospital, but tomorrow I will be down in Royal Free Hospital for an important event, another CT scan, another lottery or as somebody said another trip in the carousel. In spite of all the excitement and the emotions of the next day I am feeling very low. I am very nervous and to be honest very scare of the next days. Few days after I should have a call from the oncology department to be informed if I chose the right door and I won the lottery and then I can go through the next stage or instead I need to go back to the starting point and look for something else, if anything else will be available.

With all this in my mind I tried to keep busy, I did a shelving in Olivia's room and another small bits at home. We had a good sign today, we have been asked a favour, tomorrow we will have a guest at home, We have a neighbour that will have an operation and she asked us if we can take care of her dog for a few days, and of course we will do it with a lot of love. It will be a new experience to have another friend sharing the house with Us.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Murphy day

Today I needed to be all day at home, The things went very badly with the boiler and with the plumber, For the third time the plumber needed to come because of the boiler pressure went low again, and again it was leaking from one radiator but also the pressure cutter inside the boiler was broken. Meanwhile, while the plumber was repairing the boiler, the water jumped out from the boiler and the electricity cut down. Unfortunately, I get a bit upset with him, something that I never like, to explained him that I should not be charged any more, because nothing of this was my responsibility, the work that I agreed has never been finished. I do understand that sometimes we all have this days that all that can go wrong goes wrong.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Low pressure

With the house repaired and the boiler fixed everything is now ready to enjoy and rest at home during this Winter. I do need as I have been feeling very tired and sometimes dizzy, I do not know if it is due to the blood sugars or blood pressure. I thought it was already enough to have low pressure in the boiler but now I am having as well low blood pressure. Nevertheless, I still had energy for a picnic.

The last days the newspapers often announced several drugs to kill the Cancer, it is always very encouraging to read this news but some of them I know are just speculation and sensationalism. But when I see it it always hits me deeply inside.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

House for Winter

Today we had the house taken by the builders, they have been sorting out the problem of humidity and damp, hopefully this Winter we will have a better atmosphere at home, they did few air vents in the walls and also upgraded the heaters. To run away from the noise and dusty in the morning I went to meet Vasco. We saw his new house. In the evening Justyna was organizing and tiding up the house again, the work never end for Justyna. I have been very tired and with belly pain during the day.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Weight on the target

Friday was a day that marked the way back of the princess to the school, Justyna had again another lesson of counselling and Olivia off of her cold is now in the nursery. I was in charge during the day, keeping Olivia busy we went to the rhyme time and to the ballet lesson. In the afternoon I was waiting for the builders to come to repair the house, to sort out the problem of humidity and condensation. The builders did not come in the end, but in compensation our friend John came around. We all had an interesting dispute about English and grammar.

Meanwhile, I am doing my best to soar my weight, after last days in the hospital my weight fall down to the minimum of 62 KG.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ivy flower

If the life is not any flower it is even less an Ivy flower. Olivia did not go to the school today again but looks like she is getting better from her Cold. I also went today to collect the results from the blood test done two days ago and the results at least regarding to the white blood cells are now already normal. In the evening appear another issue to deal, they are always around the corner, the lady that r is renting my house in Portugal decided now to leave the house with only a week notice, With calm and with a deep breath all will be sort out.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Today was Olivia which requires the special care of mother Justyna, She had been with fever and complaining from her ears. The doctor did not find anything serious, We just need to be patient. I could not go to the doctor with Olivia because today I was having my own commitments, I was in the morning in the Cherry Lodge for a Reiky session and in the afternoon I was off again in the Royal Free Hospital, this time for a routine appointment with the diabetes doctor. Because of Olivia not bee able to go to the nursery Justyna also missed her Art lesson in the school, I was very sorry for her. It is easy to understand the love of a mother, the father can do its best but never can be the same .

I am still in the mood to draw all the dishes at home, which number increased from a lot of things that Julian brought to us.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Picture that worth thousand words

Samarinha by this time is already in Munich, in spite of all the friendly fights between Olivia and her friend Samara, Olivia will miss her very much. We all will miss our friends Sofia, Julian and Samara, we love them too much :)

I have been feeling better, with more energies as you can see by the picture took by Olivia's Eyes. today I went to the hospital to do the routinely blood tests, now I hope, this time I will not have any surprise.

Monday, September 19, 2011

No plans

It is amazing how my life is, impossible to do plans, very unpredictable, Yesterday I was in the hospital but today I am already outside, Yesterday I was crying and today I have reasons to smile. Today disgrace tomorrow hope, It is the seconds that counts not the days or years.

Olivia has been very well accompanied by her friend Samara, they went to the park and walk around Barnet. But of course she did a point that she wanted to introduce Samara to also her friend Shubhi.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Back from hospital

Nothing predicted a weekend like this, we were enjoying the Friday afternoon in our garden when a call changed the day, The nurse from the oncology said to Justyna that I must go to the hospital because the blood tests results showed a very low level of white blood cells, within that levels I would not be able to fight any single attack from a bacteria, virus or fungus, I should go to the hospital. Later, when I get in the Barnet Hospital in the evening the doctor scared us very much, my condition was considered very critical, even if I was not feeling as bad as they sold me, I become worried. I was with feverish in the last two days and feeling pain in the legs, also pain in the gums but I never thought to be in this stage. The doctors needed treat me to avoid any complication. Thus, in the first day in the hospital they took me blood samples from everywhere to test everything and X-rays to check the lungs. After, I had a massive dose of antibiotics to kill any intruder. We were all in shock and scare. Lucky we had our friend Shubhy and Tom who calm down us and helped us with Olivia, she could not stay so long in the Hospital and see me in all this business, she spent the night in Shubhy's place.

If the first night was horrible the next day the things started to go better, the temperature went down, but better was that the result from the blood test, this before the antibiotics, showed a increase of the white blood cells, the signs were good, I did not need to take more antibiotics. And today Sunday, the levels increased even more, already in the save range, I could come home :)

There is always good things in the bad, I was in a private room, so I had plenty of time to think and reflect but also to draw, I enjoyed a lot to draw not only me but also Olivia even if with weird models, all the hospital items.

Now we are again in peace and at home, we had already the visit of Shubhy and Tom and now Samara, Sofia and Julian will stay with us.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Unexpected call

There was some bad news from my regular blood tests, Nurse from the Hospital called Justyna to tell me to come to the GP straight way. I did and the doctor told me that I need to go straight way to the Emergency in the Hospital, my white cells dropped drastically. I will need to have antibiotics and do more investigation. So see probably tomorrow as I will need to stay probably at least a day.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Art class - year 2

After Olivia and Justyna it was my turn to be back to the school, I had my first Art class, time to enjoy again the afternoon, just me and the pencil today :) I promise I will still share some of the works here. For a while we needed to say bye to Sofia, Julian and Samara, but this Sunday they will back again for few more days with us. We cannot wait.

Olivia also is now in her routine, with a lot of relief for us, she apparently enjoyed very much her first day alone in the nursery. When Justyna took her there she felt confident enough to join other kids and send mother home.

Meanwhile, We were very happy to review again, at least through the pictures, the small princess Mafalda, I am sure she makes her mother Cristina so proud. She is so beautiful.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New friend

Finally we met the little princess Samara, Sofia and Julian's daughter. I do not remember to see Olivia enjoying so much the company of a friend, It was necessary only a minute for both get on with each other. In the beginning we were concerned because Olivia was supposed to teach Portuguese language to Samara but not Olivia leaning German with Samara :) But after they agreed to communicated more by grunts mixed with Portuguese, English and German.

Meanwhile, other things happened today, Justyna had her first Art class, and of course happened what I expected, she loved the lesson and the teacher. The teacher, Christine Watson is definitely a phenomena, always encouraging the pupils, attentive.
But, also in the afternoon Olivia had her first class in the Nursery, and of course she brought with her, her new friend Samara, both had a good time but also were the terrorists of the class, they did not know the rules :) Justyna, Sofia and myself witnessed the kids in the new nursery and to be honest I was very happy with the new place for Olivia.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Last night I was attacked by some bug, I was shacking with cold because of the fever, I had also pain all over the body, from 3.00 AM I could not sleep at all. It was a night of insomnia and nightmares. Just in the morning with two strong paracetamol I reduced the fever and now I am feeling much better. Hopefully it was flu that died at its born.

Olivia is very excited with the guests that are arriving tonight, she will meet for the first time Samara :) Meanwhile Olivia was also preparing her first day in the nursery, that is tomorrow. She did her book to bring to the school.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Back to the nappies

Olivia decided to take it easy and keep the nappies for longer, at least during the night sleep, We think we were rushing her too much. But now, it is her responsibility to keep the stock of nappies at a good level. Today, also we started the hunting for Olivia's future primary school, that will start next year, It looks very early but for what we been listening the pressure is big to the parents to get the best school, We did not want to be caught in that spiral of searching for the things so much ahead but it looks that we are not avoiding.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Changing the guard

In the beginning there was no plans for today, and when Rita text us, if wanted to come down to London to meet Rita and her family, we could not say no, Olivia wanted very much to see again her friend Ines. This time also we had opportunity to see Rita's mother. We watched the changing the guard which the girls were fascinated about.

It was good also for me to distract and get away from my bad thoughts and pain, I have a new pain on the top of the back that is upsetting me very much. But, it was in the evening that I laugh for the first time since few weeks, this when I saw Olivia in my boots.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Prohibitive talks

Olivia did not stop, she become very popular around here, invited for all social events, today she went for a birthday party of her friend Noah, apparently according to Justyna she had a great time, she danced, she run, she played. And even afterwards at home she had played with Vasco and Guilherme.

I been trying to calm down my nervous, I had the company of Sergio and Linda, but to be honest the growth in my neck is driving me crazy. I needed to share some prohibitive talks with Justyna to be in peace.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Beginning of the season

It was impossible to pass unnoticed, today started the season of ballet in Barnet. The tickets were all sold out, no chance to have a seat to watch the performances.

With the beginning of the term also several activities had started in the library, Olivia this morning attended all of them. She had a full day with mother, I was very tired at home and slightly down. Bad thoughts that sometimes commands my day.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

New nursery

Unexpected for us but Olivia is going to a new school, She went there today just to have a look and meet the staff and apparently she like it as mother. We hope that we are doing the right thing.

I was very busy all day, morning another trip to the Hospital, to the Royal Free now to do blood test for the diabetes clinic. In the afternoon I became a farmer, picking up the blueberries and streaming the grass. To be honest my neighbour cut almost all the grass, I cut a bit only for the picture :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One of those days

We have been almost all day at home, only Justyna was doing business outside, Me and Olivia played until I had energies, after lunch I had a nice siesta, I woke up much better. Today was one of those days that I really missed a friend to chat.

But in the end of the day we battled against the conditions and we all went outside in spite of the cold and wind. It was good fun in the park.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Through the eye of a needle

Everybody had injections today, Olivia had finally her immunization that was missing in her red book, two vaccines, one in each arm, She behaved so well that won a sticker, prize for been so brave offered by the nurse. Myself, had another blood tests done in the hospital, but no right for a sticker :(

Olivia had her second day in school, We were surprised with some hidden fees, Not much money nevertheless we cannot understand, we are now trying to sort out.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Beginning of the term

The holidays finished, all the family is about to start the classes. This morning all the family went to the University to enroll in the courses, there was a atmosphere of happiness for that. I am going to the second level of Art class, but the novelty is Justyna, who also enrolled in the Art class for beginners. So we will be a family of Art. She is also going to a course in Counselling. But in the afternoon was Olivia who went to her University, she was very happy to be back to her routine and leave her parents outside her World.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Jurassic Park

Olivia went back few millions years ago, to the Jurassic Park. She passed the day in the Natural History Museum, It was lovely to be with so many children in the Museum, Firstly Olivia was with her friend Ines, Beatriz and Vitor and after joined by Guilherme and Vasco. We all had a long day, There was time to see Vasco before he move to a new house and take few items that he does not need anymore. With a collection of blankets and pillows from Vasco we are now prepared to receive even more friends.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


The good days are still here and we do not want to let them go without taking the most of them, Thus after lunch we went to the centre to discover what is on there. We found London beautiful as usual, It was on a festival in south bank, Liberty festival, which was done by people with disabilities and also most of the activities were performed by them, I had such a good feeling to watch the plays. It was only a shame that we arrived so late and we could not watch more. But we had a taste. After, we wanted more so we went the Tade Gallery, Olivia was more interested in some equipment for kids, special a slide in the 5th floor, than in the Art exhibitions.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Jams on the way

It sounds crazy but the reality is We already do not know how to live in the good weather, ( I suppose the same would be how to live without the Cancer), Today the weather was beautiful, summery and we were confuse how to take advantage of the day, because normally the weather is grey and the options what to do are not many. In the morning I was in the Park but I just wanted to be at home. I was not relaxed. The day was in a crescendo of emotions, In the morning Justyna also finished her factory of jams in the kitchen, in the afternoon we went to pick up blackberries around home, and in the evening we met with Shubhi and family. I feel so lucky to have so great and close friends that take care of me and lift my spirit.