Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Few things came to the light today, Firstly and finally Justyna have been told from her job that she does not need to go back to her former job but also she does not need to give back the money from the time she was at maternity leave. Good news because would be a considerable amount, This exception in her case it was only possible because of the circumstances of I have been sick and needing her care. But also important it was our meeting with our Landlady. In the beginning she gave us notice to leave the house in middle of September, she also explains that she needs to sell the house because of having some financial problems. Nevertheless she will consider again because we told her that we would be open to increase the rent in order to keep into the house. Even she now invited us for a BBQ next week, so probably we can speak more open about the options.
In the afternoon I went to the pub with John and I enjoyed to see the match between Portugal Ivory Coast, not a brilliant match but a good result in my point of view considering my hopes or lack of those in this team. But this is all sport. Funny the way I am taking this World Cup, I have not watched a full match so far, comparing with the other ones I am really much more disinterested this year. I guess, is the life taught few more things. I only know that nothing is permanent or guarantee, this also serves for the Death.

To end the day in big I went to the park with Olivia and we witnessed a lovely and inspiring sun set.

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