Thursday, June 3, 2010

The secret garden

In the morning having in mind the special day in the catholic calender, even if not part of the English calender I went to the mass with my mother, a way to make my mother closer to her natural environment. The Church was an inspiration for the news that come after, I had a call from the Hospital confirming an appointment for a CT scan for 1st of July, in that way it will be before I will see the Oncologist. Before the date was much later in July, I was happy with the news.

After we all went to meet Veena, As usual with Veena we had such a great day, Again she received us as her family, We also felt among the family. The food was special again and the time together was unforgettable. Olivia and Daniel enjoyed all the moments in her beautiful garden. After the meal we needed to walk, then we ended up in a park with a small swimming poll close to her house. I said small because we are already used to the mega swimming poll in my garden in High Barnet.

Outside all of this I would like to share with you my guess for the World Cup

If you have time I also would like to know your tips, go here and do your predictions and I will wait for your email in

All for fun :)

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