Sunday, October 31, 2010

Clockwise girl

After have been reading a lot of Children books, firstly compulsory and after for self joy, I would advice everyone to give a go to those books, At least One book once in a while. The magician, the beauty and the good spirit of all the people often personified by animals it will also colour your Life. It would be much more easy if we all, Human Specie would read and live the dreams inside those stories.

By the way, Olivia today helped me to fill up a special container to feed up the birds, We set up in a particular spot to now on we could observe the birds eating the food from the comfort of our house :)

My question put forward yesterday to Olivia had an answer, and the answer was that she did not like the idea of all of us could sleep one more hour taking advantage of the change of the time. Opposite, today she decided to wake up one hour earlier, around 6 AM (new time), But she managed well as in the afternoon today after long time she is sleeping her Siesta again, But I am here, a awake and wrack:) Definitely she is a Progressive girls, does not like the idea of anti-clockwise direction, Only Clockwise.

Sunday is always good day to do confessions, and today it goes another one from me, Since I joined Justyna in our communal life I started to listen more Classical music, At all the time we are having the radio on in the Classical FM, this since ever. Nowadays I loved and can say that I am hocked to this style of music, But I do not need to go to long backwards to find a Helder completely disinterested in this Music. My tastes were faraway from this tropics, I can say that I regarded myself as a Nihilist Punk, I was more into the noise and to the chaos :(

Saturday, October 30, 2010


A different day, not at home but away in the markets, We went with Sergio firstly to the Portobello Market, we never can resist to a Pastel de Nata in the beautiful Cafe Lisboa, Portobello is such a lovely area, it still releases the smell of the old ages, like a circus, different people everywhere, selling the most bizarre things as you can imagine. In a corner we could find a man transporting a dog in his shoulder, but the frightened dog without any confidence in his master clearly showed how lunatic and exhibitionist he was, In the other corner a Muslim preaching, and nearby a small girl-Olivia reading the books for the pedestrians.
An hour later we transported to another Market, in Camden, Olivia here was shocked by the Punks, She gave up to show her skills.

Only at home she recovered but then swept the witches away lightning a candle in the Halloween pumpkin.

Good news, as tomorrow we might, might :) enjoy an extra hour of sleep. Do you think Olivia will understand that?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Again the small things

Olivia very early morning woke up demanding to us to come downstairs with her, but seen that we did not want because it was still time to sleep, She did not worry too much, she just took came downstairs by her own do do her piss and what else that we do not know, Only, after she came upstairs and been satisfied she was now ready to play. I can see soon the day that I woke up and I would find out her already downstairs reading her morning newspaper and having her breakfast cooked by her.

It is cold outside but Olivia demanded also to go to the Park, it is beautiful to see the leaves on the floor announcing that we are now stepping on the Autumn.

This days are making me feel happy and aware about how lucky I am for at the moment I am enjoying days without pains and with so much energy. I even need to apologise, this because rather than think about Cancer I am now sometimes worried again about small and trivial things from day such as payments, internet, and what to eat :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy as a kid

There is only one thing that makes me more happy than spending time with Olivia, it is to spend time with Olivia and other kids, I do not to be misinterpreted :) This morning I went with Olivia to a Halloween party in the library, I enjoyed very much, probably even more than Olivia. It was great to see all the kids screaming with excitement, some dressing scary masks, It was beautiful to see such a happiness stamped in their faces. Probably because of often been the only father among mothers and today was the same, a lot of kids respect me and like to play with me, for a while I was surrounded by the friends of Olivia but not Olivia. Of course this always boosts my self-esteem.

Speaking about kids yesterday I spoke with Carla in Istanbul and I saw the twins, They are much grown up but very beautiful. Kisses for Manuel and Matilde as to DiDi and Kiko.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Polish blood

I am again confuse with my sugar levels, often they are now very low, the last nights I have been waking up in the middle of the night with hypoglycemia and after I cannot sleep, This evening I am dreaming about my bed, so tired.

Today, I learnt something that I did not know about myself, even I was convinced of the opposite, This is I do not like to be told what to do. In the afternoon I was so upset with a guy from the pharmacy that was trying to tell me the way I should do in the way he would sell me all the medicines now on without too much benefit for me. I need my space also to decide what to do.

I told few days ago how Olivia has overall Polish blood, without fear from the cold, so today Justyna proved that when she and Olivia were having a tea outside, both very comfortable instead me I was covered in coats

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Eyes as a mirror of the Soul

After a year I had my annual reviewing or eye screening for people with diabetes. The pictures did show that inside eyes all looked well. I presumed she was also referring to my diabetic Soul. The doctor just told me to keep under control my sugar levels in order to continue with the healthy eyes as it is at the moment. So now I just need to go back in a year again. Back home I had the visit of Maria and John and their kids, It was very nice the afternoon chatting and Olivia playing with her friends

Monday, October 25, 2010

Connected with the World

I am not working this days but they always look so busy and intense that I really do not understand why. This morning I met my new GP, my family doctor which will take care of me now on. He looked professional what is the most important. Justyna is catching up the time together with Olivia, All day they been out in activities for kids, Olivia painted few works and soon will have at least one of her works exhibited for the public in the Library as all the children. So jealous. Nevertheless I will be there to record for all of Us. Olivia definitely inherited more the Polish side than the Portuguese, not only for the beauty and smartness but also for her resilience to the cold, It is freezing outside but she stands in her sand pit, I needed to explain her that I cannot play with her outside, At least she understood and forgive me.

Some days ago we sort the out the problems of virus in the computer and today was the speed of Internet, Then now I have again an operational and fully work machine :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Black History Month

Morning as usual we went to the mass. It was very nice to see a chorus of a African ladies singing the Gospel, this was due to the Black history month. Their singing transported me to a place that I never been and I do not know much but I would love, Africa. Later, we went to visit Veena and family, Of course we are never tired of tasting her lovely food and to enjoy their warm company. Olivia was very happy to make some chapati bread and play with Krishna.
Back home in the evening I kept with my good luck, again I managed to step on the cheat that showed on front of me.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Portuguese day

Finally we have the Internet set up at our home and the virus that was installed into the computer released or hidden somewhere, This operation was a miracle as it disappeared suddenly after I inserted inside a CD of Norton antivirus, even before I did something to install this anti-virus. Happy to have the computer and Internet back at home, But the family more up-set with the prospect of having me more close to the computer again :)

Today we arranged in between the family to be the first day only spoken in Portuguese at home, Olivia is comfortable and Justyna is going very well, I am just scare when it would be the day of Polish language. Olivia was so focus in the day that she looked for me as a Cat, because was very muddy, not too much smiles and very proud and arrogant for myself.

We had a lot of funny in the morning as we attended an event here in Barnet, We had a map and we needed to go around the village and look for the different dates when some buildings were erected and writing down and bring it to the library, Kind of Rally Paper.

The day was fully completed with Justyna planting the new tree, our Apple tree that was offered by Shubhy, I cannot wait for the Summer to pick up the apples as the Blueberries already planted in our garden.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Tracking through the fields

This morning I went with Olivia to her Jumping jacks session, I was very happy with her to see with a much more mature social behave, She was laughing and sharing plays with other kids. I have the impression that she is forgetting about biting other children, I hope...

In the afternoon we took advantage of this dry days, Justyna took the sling and we went for a walk through the country side, It was pleasant to listen the birds and see the bunnies running away from us.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Party animal

Last evening it was a fantastic time, Justyna has finished her exam at 5.30 and I went to picked her up around 7.00 at the underground station with Olivia, Shubhy and Tom, She was happy to see all of us and we told her that we would take her for a diner out, but she did not dream about the big group of friends that were already waiting for her in the restaurant, She and even more Olivia was stared when saw all that friends waving and singing for her. I could see that Justyna was very happy. Even if the secrecy of the operation was bit immature, with posts in the Internet, often sending and receiving messages in the phone, Nevertheless, I think the operation went well, Justyna did not expect such a thing and a lot of friends turn out to stay with her. Not only the friends but the cake was divine :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Parabens, Parabens

The Double day that we been expected a long time ago, it came, Justyna was very nervous for her exam, and I felt sorry to not help her. But I am sure she will be alright.

But the most important reason for the waiting is her Birthday today, in the evening we have a surprise diner prepared for her, with friends, It will be fun. At home only me and Olivia knows the plans. Meanwhile, today the weather is freezing. I need to go as I have Olivia sleeping close to me here in the library. I am happy for her nap because in that way she will more awake through the evening in the Restaurant and can full enjoy the party. Here Ronald is back to the Park

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Santo Antonio

To satisfy the curiosity from some of you, Justyna is so busy with her readings that she does not have time to go to the Internet and to read my blog, so the Net is an arm of conspiration and secret for me and Olivia :)

It is already for a few weeks that I learnt my new ability, The old capacity already all 0f know, this is to lose things, but now I am also good to find them back. In the last days I or Olivia lost things, like Oyster card, money, etc, but after I did found it always, sometimes in the most odd places, The most bizarre it was with the Oyster card that Olivia lost in a park, but I went back and I would find it inside a public bin, This its was amazing.

Olivia today found her best friend again in the playground, Ronald was back after broken her leg, but fortunately the recovery is going well.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Our secret

And also there is days like today, Morning me and Olivia planed to go for the first time to the swimming pool, she was so excited, but we arrived almost at the end of the session, so we were not allowed to get in, Later already at home Olivia locked us outside with keys inside when I was on the phone outside, luckily I could get in through the neighbour's garden. Meanwhile, in the other side of Barnet, Justyna infected our computer with a Trojan virus in the library, more work. This list could be added with other small things, but I do not want to be exhaustive.

But, We are all OK, Olivia and me are keeping busy now with our secrets, Planning the anniversary for Justyna this Wednesday, There is already a idea for a surprise dinner with friends and gifts for the princess.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Good luck around

Such a way I had yesterday to finish the day and to start this day, today, This because last night on the way to drop some paper in the recycle basket outside of the door I stepped on a big cheat that was living there already for a while, I was even more frustrated with the situation as this cheat, I presume from a dog, was already spotted from me few days a go, I was just giving time to it to pick up after only it would dry out, But yesterday with all the confidence I forgot and I could not see it with the dusk and then...Cheat everywhere. With all that, this morning I was washing slippers, cleaning floor inside and outside. If I would see any dog unattended near my home I will need to speak with him.

The only consolation is the sign of Good luck that the cheat in front of the door it might means. Thank you unknown dog for your sign.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Seat belt

Due to the persistent pain in the back and now some sporadic pain in the lower abdomen, around the scares, in the muscles, I decided to buy an back support belt to see its advantages, It should keep the back straight and encourage the blood circulation where there is pain. I hope it will be effective. It is only making me look more fat, with a bigger belly :)

Yesterday, I bought a new war, against a apparently very difficult 1000 pieces puzzle, let us see if I will be able to finish this year.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Father as clown

Olivia whenever sees a clown in a picture she straight says that it is her father, then last night I did her a surprise and made up to look like a even more real clown. She was not very happy as she cried in the beginning. For her a clown it will be always a synonym of her father.

Yesterday, it marked the first anniversary of the death of my friend Ian, He is missing so much among us, The pictures and the memories of his laugh and sweet voice it still very present with us.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Right hand

I just now realised that I need to write very quick my blog and check email as the library will gonna be open only for more 35minutes but overall because I am starting also to feel the hypoglycemia in my head and I do not have sugar supply here with me, So just to share my draw from my today's Art lesson and send kisses to everyone, One very special to my old friend Pajo.
I need to confess that I am starting to feel more and more confident as long as the Art class goes along. To this progress it is important the study of my notes but also the tips from Olivia, My right hand.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wet Life

I am now released from my duties in the Hospital at least for a month, having only my daily tablets at home. Justyna and her date for the exam is getting closer, it is already next week as her birthday. Me and Olivia are now enjoying the days at home as outside is wet and cold, the only thing that upset me today was the fact that because of that I found some humidity inside in a wall in the bedroom, it will be necessary to be monitored and probably informed the landlord. I guess this is all the Life, if there was not this small and big problems it would be boring.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The puzzle

The puzzle is complete, For now, nobody advised the operation. Today, I met the surgeon and he said that the most wise thing is carry on with the tablets, The operation would bring more harm than benefit, and it would be a big risk. If I am responding so well to the medicine I should carry on that side. I was probably a bit disappointed, but I am sure it is the best decision. Imagine, we found surfers in Munich :)

Monday, October 11, 2010


The weekend and Munich is already left behind, It was a few days full of emotions, We tried a trout cooked in away I never seen and also Olivia found her Tiger teddy bear's mother, She is very happy. But, with sadness we left our lovely friends and this afternoon we already arrived in London. The trip was very smooth and for once we arrived without any signs of raining here.

Now is time to relax to have another day full of emotions in the Hospital. Tomorrow, I will see the surgeon. I know that the Cancer showed stable, what is good but it is missing the opinion of Fusai to the puzzle be complet.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Roots in the trees

Munich said good bye to us in the best way, with a strong sun shine during all day, We were lucky with he weather, The afternoon was such a good time, Olivia reviewed all her friends in the Zoo, and we found out all our roots, In fact they are our cousins Gorillas, They are incredible similar to us, their look it is so friendly and heartwarming. They also have the right to be happy as us. So we have a sensation that we found part of our family tree, This make us feel more sad about our leaving.

The only thing that distinguish us from them is our appetite for food, We are very happy on the table, special with the good food that we found here in Sofia and Julian's house, In the evening we had a trout cooked covered in salt, So good.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


First day in the Bavaria just make me think how far Portugal is still behind this stops, The wealthy showed by the cars in the roads, the way people dresses, the set of museums, the cleanliness of the streets, All this is miles away from what we would find in Portugal. We went out all day, in the centre we had a proper Bavarian lunch, apart of the beer been only without alcohol and the plate not having pork sausage. I was a child, trying to imitate them, I had a beer but with zero alcohol, The taste is close to the original, I really enjoyed the time with all of us.

The diner was brilliant, Sofia and Julian did a lovely pasta with scallops. We have been treated as a Kings. Olivia is also enjoying very much and even today she did her first Deutsche friend.