Saturday, March 31, 2012

Colours of Krakow

We are already in Krakow, Justyna is very happy, as she is again among her friends, with who she had her best days of her life. Here in Krakow she found almost everything, of course only not Me :)

It was a day very grey outside even if sometimes white because of some snow, only in the morning we went out to Olivia enjoy an activity in the centre, but in the afternoon we been indoors, just enjoying whatever comes, conversations, laugh or boredom.

Friday, March 30, 2012


After almost a week in Wrobczyn we are today moving down to Krakov to meet Justyna's friends, It will be a long journey on the train, I confess that I feel a bit tired for that. But everything will go well as it has been so far. I am trying to decide which book should I take with me, I still do not know if I will do a break in the readings, this in order to savor and digest the last Claraboia from Jose Saramago.

While I am reading a good book I am always going through a conflict of paradoxes, for one side I am enjoying too much what is in front of my eyes but for other side I want to read more, and this gets me too excited, almost distress, that only finish at the last page. This is never an exercise of relaxation.

During the time away also Olivia will have the opportunity to do a break in her fields duties, like if it was also a skylight in her daily routine.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


I could not resist for the call from Justyna's dad to go to fish and attest the abnormality of the fish that lives in his private pond, specially its grand size. Quickly I learnt that there must have been a problem of misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the language as the polish meter doesn't match the Portuguese one :) This is in spite of the size of the carps which anyway was over my expectations, so I did not feel comfortable to say any joke and I closed my eyes. For a moments I also thought if I should at all collaborate in this carnage, specially when I faced the fish poorly eyes and could see their big gasps in search for the oxygen in the water. Besides what made me feel even more guilty was the fact of Olivia being close to me. My fishing was not coherent with a lot of my prose, for this I could not escape from her comments and when I saw her running home before the first fishes came in the net, I understood as reprove for this acts. The only thought in my mind that did not made me move back and feel covered in shame was that, a bigger sin than not being coherent I only can see to be hypocrite, as I eat the meat of the fish when it comes to my plate.

The meter long fish refused to came in the nets, Dad justify it with the fact that the carps in his pond become clever and clever and they mastered the way to run between and over the net.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Big Fish II

Today we witnessed an attempt to populate the Mazurek's pond, hundreds of carps and dreams were launched to the water, besides also an investment of capital. Now we just need to wait for the next season and see how many will go through the rigors of the Polish Winter. Meanwhile Justyna's dad bet with me that tomorrow he will catch fish from the pond that according with him has 1 meter length. Of course I think this is unreal and I bet 5 pounds, This will be easy money :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Polish Triathlon

I am still taking advantage of the Time that tends to slow down while, I am on holidays, if it was not my mood that sometimes goes down mainly because of thinking that I should have taken already that injections, and this days would be perfect. I think this is having psychological effect on me and in the constant unpleasant sensation around my Liver.

Today we turned to sports, we run so much around the house, like I have not done since I become an unsporting man, But also our trips are now done in the bicycle.

Last night I picked up the last book from Saramago, Claraboia, a pearl that he wrote a long time ago. I have been living wonderful moments through this pages, It is beautiful and I think it also matters the fact that while I am reading I am having a sensation of sadness, as this is probably the last pages written by him and that can surprise me. Of course there is a lot of books published that I have not read yet, and I think soon I will do a long cycle of Saramago's books.

Lastly, what do you think about the function that I found in my camera?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Little calves

It is difficult to think about a better way to start the day, to know about the birth of two small calves that Justyna's parents look after. We just went for a quick glance and witness the moment, we did not stay long, those moments belonged to mother and babies. I took advantage of the sun and sat outside looking for a good spot and eventually I started to draw, let see what it comes.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Best translator

Olivia today had an opportunity to see all her grand-family, at home there is the grand-mum Joanna and grand- father Zbyszek, but today we had here as well her grand-grand mother Zosia, other grand grand-mom Kazia and grand grand father Staszek. It is a prevelige to have so many grand parents alive, I never lived that experience. I am happy for Olivia.

If today was not the fact that we are in holidays and therefore having the clock in our favour, we would have a bad day losing two hours in one go, one for moving from BST to Polish hour and another one for the sake of the Daylight saving time. I am enjoying updating my readings, today I finished A Filha do Capitão from Jose Rodrigues do Santos and now I am having the pleasure to read for the first time a book from the author who is a friend, Kuril conspirancy. While reading the book I am often finding myself doing judgements about how this story match what I know about Ken.

I am having my life much easier now in Poland, this is not because of my Polish has had improved but because my dictionary and translater has improved, Wherever I go I always make myself accompained of my personal translator-Olivia, it is very effective, quick and never fails. It can have direct English-Polish but also the adavantage of can be used Portuguese-Polish.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

My pink airplane

It took us more to get to the airport in Luton than the journey to Poland, Last night we needed to take three cars until we reached Sergio's home in Luton, Firstly, it was Shubhi's car which decided not to take us outside from Barnet, after we called for the assistance from Tom, and we got very close to Luton already, but now it was the TomTom which freaked out as well. But fortunately Sergio was not too far away and he came to pick us up. Thanks to all our friends.

Very early in the morning we went to the airport, and Olivia was so happy to know that the trip will be done in a Pink aeroplane, and all went smoothly. Surprisingly when I reached Poland I found that also here the Sun can be gentle and Poland is not all the time covered in snow. The temperatures are even better than in London. It was great also to see Justyna's family, they all looked so happy and this made Justyna very happy.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Little friends

Today was Olivia's turn to say bye to her friends, I do not know how she will cope without her best friend Kalina, she will not see her for a while, as she is also going for holidays when we have come back. Olivia also went say bye to her best boy friend Jean. And even there was today Cliffy with us. Shame that we were busy packing everyday and we did not have so much time to spend with our doggy visitor.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Candid Camera

We had all day to say bye to friends, as on Saturday we will fly to Poland and we will be there for almost a month, a lot of time to be left without our daily friends. So in this busy day only Vasco and Pajo were not captured by my special camera, Olivia and me met with them in a park in Regents Park, funny place to three male friends hanging around. But of course the visits at home could not be left without my famous shot. My shots are intimidating for few and desired for a lot.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring 2012

Definitely the Spring cannot escape from us any more, I just hope this will not be the Summer as well :)

The day was very sunny and bright, we just started to leave open the doors from the garden and spend time outdoors. Only the evenings are still very chilly. Because Saturday we will leave to Poland Justyna had today a double Polish class, She is teaching a neighbour who wants to learn Polish language. Both times Olivia and me went to wait for Justyna finish the class to show how proud we are of her :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mens Sana in Corpore Sano

There is nothing like the Sun, He arrives and everybody finds that face and mood that has been hidden through all the winter, Everyone shares accomplices smiles, Nobody wants to be left out in this game of showing who is happier. Regarding to the Sun I believe we suffer the same effect as the plants, we bloom and rise.

I just need to practise to not get involved too much in my thoughts, often they are not great and do not help me to build a mens sana in corpore sano. I would like to find easier how to not get stack and embedded in my undesired thoughts, It is as if I would have an attraction for those bad feelings. I can still have the command of what my brain see, but I just give up that. Even the reiki could not erase and diverted those thoughts.

This afternoon I felt really in a good mood, we went to check how was Tazz.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Dia do Pai

When is more convenient for me I can adapt myself to the Portuguese tradition and calendar, and today I enjoyed the Portuguese father's day, after mother it was my turn, I received a pair of socks, a wonderful matching portrait, even with myself using tie, something that was familiar for me but not for Olivia, very intriguing :) But more important I was presented exceptionally with a lot of kisses.

I also enjoyed to go with Olivia to the park and play with her trava á macaquinha, a game that fills up part of my childhood, to go around the squares jumping in one leg, this while Justyna was at home packing our stuff, It is already in the end of this week that we will fly to Poland :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Best mother in the world

Olivia is great to keep secrets, she did not mentioned anything to mummy about the surprises we had prepared for her today, as today was mother's day in England, This morning Olivia was happy to offer to the best mother of the World a small souvenir and flowers. I could see from Justyna's eyes that she was very touched. She deserves all that and more :)

The best way to carry on celebrating the mother's day was to share also some time with our adopted mother :) Shubhi and Tom took me back to the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary, It was Shubhi who introduced it to me almost 4 years ago and since then I am going there with some regularity, more before big events, operations, CT scans. The work that they do there is amazing, healing everyone humans and not humans, they also have a great library, places to rest and to contemplate, all this for free. It is interesting that all of us feel a very strong and positive energy in the sanctuary. Olivia was very happy and confident being with Shubhi and Tom, enjoying to be with them.

It is days like this that makes people hate or love England, the unpredictability of the weather was taken to the extreme, the predictions were to be a very wet day, but the morning woke up with a glorious Sun, later came rain and hailstones and the evening was just freezing.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Flower power

I am again feeling tired, last night I was feeling to faint for few times, and with headache, This should be part of the cycle, After good weeks always some less better weeks, Nothing to worry about. Unfortunately we only could stay one night in Veena's house because Justyna needed to go this afternoon to the charity shop. Today we have been preparing for a special day tomorrow :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

weekend task

The week is over, and all the problems are behind, at least until Monday. To start the weekend in the best way me and Olivia went to shop with Ken, We took a lift in his car and we looked like if we were in holidays in Tesco. But the best come in the afternoon, we went to spend time with Veena, Krishna and Ben, everybody was very excited to enjoy the evening with our friends and Olivia even more to sleep over with Krishna. Justyna was telling and is true, how good it is just to be seat down with friends speak and watch television.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Peppa's house

The night is always the worst, last one Olivia was again very restless, but at least throughout the day she looked better, hopefully she will get better soon again. She likes to create, and to have the opportunity to have different experiences. She is a regular reader of the Peppa Pig's newspaper and with that comes always new challenges, and this week was to build up Peppa's house, and she did it very well.

I had my day also around the Art class, If I have not seen this film I would be disappointed, as I spent all the class around something and in the end I have the feeling that I have not done anything, It was probably not the most productive day but It is all part of the learning curve, as my teacher likes to say. Afterwards I saw a friend that I met in this classes, in an advanced stage, we organized one day to go to a club meeting of painters from Barnet, of course it will be a great opportunity for me to look at the works from my neighbours.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Short breath

Olivia has often this nights, with wheezing, problems with breath, coughing. At the GP they have been telling us all this times that Olivia's problem is only in the throat, nothing in the lungs, but today for the first time they considered that chance, though they never diagnose any child with asthma before 5 years old. Anyway, we were sent to the Hospital to do more tests, and the conclusions are the same, for now they attributed this to a bug, but they advised that Olivia will star to use an inhaler to improve her short breath.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Guy's night

The days are fully busy, I am still sorting out the big gas bill, to see if it can be reduced in some way, also today I found that I will need to wait until at least I comeback from Poland to start having the injections. Not all is good but at least I know what I can expect.

In the afternoon and evening I escaped again to the guys zone, I went to the centre to meet Pajo and Vasco, We had a nice walk in Southbank, but the best was the meal, I have not eat for a long time squid with a Portuguese olive oil, the things from home does do the difference but also the hands of Pajo in the kitchen helped. To end the day just a jump to the cinema. A perfect guy's night.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Handy Man

My day in the charity shop is very funny, I cannot compare with anything what I have done before, I even thought I did not have the skills to repair things, but I am having a go. I can work in the till, I can steam clothes, but what I really like is to go through the appliances, toys, radios and try to repair them, sometimes it just needs the new batteries, and other times to unscrew it and screw again. All small things but it is the difference between a toy dump in the rubbish bin or the toy to be re-sell again, raising money for the kids in need.

The afternoon we took Olivia's friend and went to the park together, Olivia will take advantage of Kalina's company for few more weeks before Kalina will go to Bulgaria for a while. She will be missed by Oli.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tuga night

It was a gorgeous sunny day and for coincidence or not a great Portuguese night.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

100 pieces

The morning came and I was still looking for a nice sleep, Throughout the night I was with low sugars but very lazy to stand up and check, This is a very dangerous attitude but irresponsibly I am still having it. Of course consequently during the day I had the sugars all over the place and I was very tired. I thought for a fraction of second to cancel my work day in the charity shop, but no, it was only one morning, I could do it.

Olivia came to the shop to pick me up, in my shop we bought something special, not a normal jigsaw or puzzle, but one with 100 pieces. It was really a challenge, I am speaking about me because for a Olivia it is a routine.

From the shop we went straight to the countryside centre, only via home to pick up some food to eat down there, Was great to see all the kids neighbours and to play around the woods. This space has something special, good source of positive energy.

I was just worried and sad when before sleep Olivia asked me what is death, and she told me she does does not want us to dye, This was a surprised and to be honest I did not know how to deal with that, probably I did not very well, because after few minutes suddenly she started to cry :(

Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday's friend

Today, it was revealed what I was scared of, the gas bill for the time when the meter was broken, I could not believe. I am now studying the way to make them reduce the amount. Anyway, I should know by now, that all this is just the money :)

In spite of everything that happened today, I had a great morning, me and Olivia met my friend Ken, a person I met in the last course in the church. He showed me some of his hobbies, he also likes to draw and paint and apparently wrote already books, I am very happy I brought home one, I cannot wait to start to read it.

Around here, the news were speaking about an explosion in the Sun, but the day was unbelievable cold, increasing my Gas bills :)

Olivia is impressing me with her draws, soon she will teach me.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Who rules the World

The day belonged to the gender in majority, one more of those myths, stated in the One man for six woman. I grow up listening this and I do not know even if this ration has ever changed. I was a man quite active in a women's day, I brought flowers to all my colleagues and teacher in the Art class, As of course to all the princesses in my home. It was lovely to see all of them surprised, probably do not expecting this from me. I feel that I need to do something and to give a small tribute to the Women, In my life they are not six for me, but at least 20. In my group of friends, wherever in the school, in the work, I have always been in frank minority, To be honest I love all the woman.

Even with all surprised in my Art class the class carried on, I had another memorable class painting vegetables, I could stay all day long. With so much woman in my day, nevertheless I reserved the evening for a men's thing, to watch football, Sporting beat Man City, but again in the company of a woman, Shubhi.