Monday, June 28, 2010

Georgina Bush

Finally we are having a taste of Summer, For me the best of the Summer is not the beach or bikinis but the Watermelon on the table and the fish BBQ outside. Even without the queen of the BBQ, the sardines, we play down with the duchess Corvina in our small grill in the evening.
Olivia took a step further and dressed her swimming suit and of course had her sunglasses on, This made me feel too embarrassed because of lack of style from myself. I am sure it was not only me feelling embarrassed. In the park me and Olivia already found a tree that becomes our spot, its shadow is fresh and inspiring, and also has a wonderful bush in its back to Olivia do her piss and poo with privacy.
Olivia in the afternoon seeing her mum reading also wanted to copy and took a book to read, just I noticed the same book was been reading up side down, This made me remember the famous scene with George Bush reading a book to a kids in a classroom with the book also upside down, So today witnessing this I straight thought that in the end the former USA president was not so fool as I thought.

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