Tuesday, June 8, 2010


The last day came, Difficult for all of us say Bye, Olivia was all day giving kisses to Dani instead of nibbles and when they left Olivia was poorly crying, understanding that she will not see them again in the next few days. But it is the Life, it was also time to Daniel see his father Paulo again and my mother to see father. My father can enjoy again her presence but overall my mum's food, I am sure he was already feed up with canned food and with less few kilo :)

They left and the weather was miserable, and apparently they found the same in the Algarve.

This days I have the sensation that Olivia is growing up so fast, everyday more abilities, I am more and more confident with her and give her more responsibilities :), for example yesterday she was helping us to tide up the dishes, in the beginning I was thinking that she could break some of Shubhy's dishes but suddenly she show me that I should no be afraid.

This days have been very busy for all of us, thus this evening we were relaxing doing our commitments, I was in the computer and Olivia reading her books while doing cócó.

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