Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's day-version UK

Olivia is now got use to the Sunday Eucharist, I do not know if is because of the its symbolism or instead, because of she thinks that the Ostia that the priest offers is a white chocolate bar, Today she wanted to have a go and said that Oli wants chocolate. After the morning church session we moved quick to Veena's house because of the football session was just about to start, It was long with three matches. Not brilliant games but some moments of interest. Hopefully Brazil has opened slightly the door for the Portuguese team also going through. If Olivia did not find chocolate in the Church she would find in Veena's house, It was a mega choc cake cooked by Justyna to restore the peace with our friend Krishna, the things been very bitter in the last days :) Now friends as ever and forever, with a blood pact.

At the same time I was distracted focused on the games Olivia mastered by Krishna crafted and offered me a lovely card, regarding to my role as a father, Difficult to follow and do not forget this events, because for me are three Father's day, one in Portugal, another in Poland and this one in UK.

The only dim side is because of Olivia been so exited with this day out she only fall asleep in the end of the afternoon, so now lets hope she will sleep through the night, If not just one more night of disarray.

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