Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Little miss sunshine

As usual the day started for me and Olivia with a walk to the park, this time Justyna stayed at home reading her books to start again another essay. We arrived early in the park, not many kids were there, so we decided to have a tea in a small coffee shop inside the park. The time there was very relaxed and inspiring, The small place is run by the Borough with a a very sympathetic prices and a lovely staff some of them with special needs. Olivia had a tea and jumped to her see-saw straight away.
I was very tired and some pain that is not go away leaving me with a bitter sensation. I had a brilliant idea to distract me, I took a task of organizing by alphabetic order all my old Cd's that were dispersed, At the same time I could not resist to listen some classics from my childhood and others. Olivia enjoyed Pavarotti and we all remember also my friend Ian Small because of his CD with his preferred sounds. Some of them went to the rubbish and others to the charity, even if Olivia wanted to keep all at home. Curious her feeling of possession already.
Today we did not start only the day with park but also we finished, All the family went out for a small walk before dinner, not because of been a nice weather. Back home Olivia had a long conversation on the phone with Veena and Krishna, hopefully she did not complain about her parents. She is such a laugh :)

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