Friday, June 25, 2010


The day could have been sensational was not myself coward, All started yesterday when Miriam told me that she is going soon to see alive Pearl Jam in Lisbon, After this I thought to myself Is this Tour also coming to London, But, I forgot to checked yesterday and only today in the afternoon I checked in the Internet, and guess what? They play here and the concert was planned for tonight, This it was already 6.00 PM, But I felt something strong inside me telling that I should do everything possible to be there as well, Then I text, I called for a few numbers that I found in the Net selling tickets, But the confirmation came already very close to the time and late considering one hour in the transports to get to the Hyde Park where was the concert. Thinking in advance I learnt that I should just go straight to the gates and for sure I would find somebody selling my ticket.

Probably what happened today is a mirror what my Life is going through, I am very negative, do not doing enough to be happy, do not trust in the lucky, Sometimes we just need to run to catch something good. Thus, I did not go, I did not take a risk, and I was left in sofa seeing passing by something that I am sure I would enjoy very much.

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Beijao amigo!!!!