Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wild girl

Long day so far, That took myself and Olivia to the centre of London-S in the morning, to a very posh area to buy a special cuff links for a friend, After this long journey back home we organized in few minutes and joined by mummy we went to another extreme of London-NW to visit Adriano in his birthday party. Unfortunately, we could not stay too long, special Justyna was very sad because of that, She wanted to spend more time with her cousin. But it was too faraway to come late and I also wanted to watch the match in the evening. Congratulations Adriano for next Tuesday Birthday :)

When again we got home it was already evening, but because I do not have TV at home and I would liked to watch my first game of the World Cup, we went to spend the night and watch the game England-USA in Shuby's house. Not a brilliant match but it was a brilliant time, Today I decided to show a picture of mine washing dishes to erase that image that I never work and I do not work hard, because it is not true:)

Around our home today I noticed much more people drunk, I supposed it was because of the match that Pubs got full, It is good that here the English got drunk when their team wins, loses and draws, Not consistent but very generous.

This afternoon I found Olivia picking up the seeds that I thrown to the floor for birds, but she replaced them and hoover all the seeds from the floor, I guess I need to pay more attention to her. In fact she was already doing this in the Tazz's plate.

Now I will get some sleep because tomorrow I will FLY

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