Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's day-version Polish

As I said before it will be difficult to Olivia in the future remember about the multi father's day throughout the year and either painful the expenses that she regularly will face to buy me good presents, Something that I will not be condescending :)

The best present I can have is to stay with Oli, and today we been almost all day outdoors, She met few friends in the park and did few more friends among the birds and squirrels, She firstly spread food and bread to feed them and after joined them and ate the same bits of bread, A girl that will never be hungry.

I used to joke with Justyna, because of her tendency to to lists for everything, even if she tells that she picked up that habit from me, something that I did not know, But now on I am also addicted with the List, Only with support of that chart I can survive, I do lists for what I need to buy in the market, even if we are speaking about two or three items, list for where to call, List where to go, We both become slaves of the List. Miss when I was not addicted with the List, or listless.

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