Sunday, June 6, 2010


The day started with the family in the mass, Olivia is finding this mass the best one for her, because it is full of children, any noise from her it is not notice among all other kids. After again one more jump to the park to kids do not get stressed at home. Back home we had the visit of our wonderful friends, Firstly it was Veena and Krishna who came to say bye bye to my mother and sister. It was a very relaxed and funny time as usual, principal the discussion that we had at one time about the thousand ways I could wear my sandals. I am still not convinced that I cannot use this summery shoes because of the size. Justyna did also a lovely food for our friends, In the afternoon it was Vasco and Sergio who came and also the Justyna's cousin and Vasco's college Adriano and Annetta. Without lack of respect for those friends Olivia found today inspiration for her first poo in the potty. She called for the potty and she did it. Well done :)

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