Monday, August 31, 2009

Finding myself

We're been discussing at home for some time when it will be best time to re-start to work and where, the doubts are more than the certainties, But I suppose all the life will be like that and not only for us. For now we decided to go to Portugal, today I started to look effectively for work down there.
I am still trying to find myself, I do not want to do steps in false, even if I had a great lesson, nothing is irreversible. It is difficult to do this balance, In London I already have some of my best friends, I am get use with the life style even if I do not like 100% and because of that I want to give a chance to Portugal, There I think Olivia could be more happy in the middle and long term. There is also Justyna, she is the person who wants more to go to Portugal, but the things will not be easy for her, it is the language, again another life style. Important also is to ensure that I will covered by the English system at least regarding to the appointments with Oncologist that be following me. I do not want to lose that.
In the afternoon I was tired, I stayed at home relaxing while mummy and OLi went out, Only in the evening I was already with batteries charged, I gave a bath to Olivia, She loves that time and is beautiful for us to enjoy that moment. To finish the day I am getting drank with my favourite tea, peppermint and relax the body, It will be under another scanning tomorrow in the UCL, This time is PET scanning, They will inject some radioactivity substance and after an hour the machine will look for Neuroendocrines tumors through the all body.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hunting with a cat

Probably today we closed our Beach season, We went down to Brighton. As we used to say in Portugal, who does not have a dog hunts with a cat, means without our dog, the beaches in the Algarve, down... ...We hunt with the cat, the beach in Brighton. Another famous RivieraAlthough we also have our dogs in England, This majestic become friend of Olivia. Beautiful Millie

Olivia never turned her face to a concert of orchestra. It was hard to me to take her away from the performance

The princesses in their Royal chairs
The Museum
The main attraction, the East Peer

In Sunbath
The East Peer, that dust in peace

The weather was the business as usual.

Where is Helder, He is Omnipresent they should know by now

Kaska with French accent

London on the way to South
Still in the underground

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Swans as Liver

Following the request from the Oncologist and because of my discomfort in the belly, today I went for an ultra sounds in the Hospital. It is amazing how good the system works here when compared with other ones, I am sure one of them would be the Portuguese. Because of the emergency of my case they called me in the middle of the week and offered me this booking for the weekend. Here the system exists to serve and help people but not the people to serve the system as I have seen before in other places. I am grateful for that.

And also because of feeling thanked to the system and to the medicine, when today somebody called me from the Moorfields Eye Hospital regarding to a study about infection in the eyes I straight accepted their request. I already once helped in one survey when I had an infection around six years ago because of using contact lenses and now they picked up my name for another survey. I am really famous. They informed me now that this study will focus on the genetic side, In the beginning I was bit reluctant because of that but after I though about how much I been received from the medicine and I decided to offer whatever they need from me in the name of the progress of the same medicine.

Back to my Ultra sounds, The examination went peaceful, without any stress from the technician side, what I judge as a positive thing, The results I will have in the next Friday when I will see again the oncologist. She looked all around the belly, She had an easy life, because where it was suppose to be the Spleen, Gallbladder there is nothing, only to check the Liver, Stomach, bowls, Pancreas and the empty spaces. She was impressed with the scars, for her they looked great and she was astonished with the recovery of the Liver, She mentioned that normally the Liver has an average length of 15 inches (almost 40cm) and mine got 13.6 inches at 10.00 AM, so far. Now 12 hours after I do not know. Remembering that has been cut it 65% of the Liver also I felt impressed with myself even if I did not contributed consciously for that growth. Imagining if I did not want that my Liver grows, looks that I did not have any other possibility to avoid that phenomena. Definitely we are not in the control of our destiny.

Only compared with my restless Liver only the Swans in the lack close to the Royal Free Hospital, After my operation they were small babies as in the pictures bellow but after 4 months they also grown and are not small any more, Today I visited them and the analogy with my Liver was automatic, They might think the same.

Four months ago

Now the same family

Friday, August 28, 2009

Supreme doctor

In the morning before we get on board in Shuby's and Tom's with destiny Oxford we went for an appointment with dentist for Olivia, She has developed some dark colour around the teeth. For the dentist this is related with some bacteria that develops in the glads and turns the saliva with an element that creates that colour. The problem will not damage the teeth but apparently will not go away, She will need to do constantly cleaning in the dentist. We need to ask for another opinions as also the dentist was Portuguese :)

Afterwards and on time we took a lift, also Parih and Rossan come with us to Oxford. Rossan could see her friend Mark while we went for a walk around this beautiful city, The city of doctors. Shame that my acolytes were in holidays, so we missed the students spirit. But not the warmth of our friends.