Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jumping Jack

With some sweat and hours sleepless Justyna finished and submitted this morning one more Essay, Last night I was also awoke until later to help her with the final touches, So throughout the day we both looked like zombies, because the princess Olivia was already awoke at 7.30Am and wanted somebody to read her a book. But because of she been all the week with motherhoodless today we presented her with more mother as ever, thus in the morning we all went for her first session of Jumping Jack, as the name suggests it was a time for a lot of jumps and stretches, Her first approach to the military life.

Unfortunately also today we felt our space invaded by the first viewers that want to buy our flat, The things does not looking good for us, but the Life needs to move on. Justyna and Olivia had a quieter evening at the same time I accepted the invitation of Maria and went to watch the England's football match in the company of Mike, John, Robs and Alex. The atmosphere never exploded because of the England never impressed during the match, The things only turned hotter about a philosophical discussion.

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