Monday, June 21, 2010


Today I thought I would have excuses to be in a football mood, this because the Portugal team was playing and apparently played good, But No, Olivia feeling that I am more close to the football transmissions and further away from her, in the evening when I was trying to play with her she said to go instead to my new football friend. Typical emotional blackmail which hurt me severely.
Unfortunately today when we went to the park, of course after football, her friends were not there any more what made her even more upset with me. Without friends her attention turned to her books and food. The other kids in the park were surprised to see a girl reading instead of playing and running.

Back home in the evening Olivia took her time to go around with her cleaning, She wiped her house and all her things in the garden but also watered the flowers. Like mother, when upset with me they turned her attentions to the house work leaving me alone :(

Finally to be registered for the History is the fact that Olivia tonight fall asleep alone.

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