Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New house in the horizon

New house in the horizon, I went to see it today and I confirmed what Justyna had told me, The space is almost similar to what we have it now, slightly smaller, but with a much bigger garden, Olivia might lose in the size of her room but will earn in the size of the garden. It is very long garden. Plus she will have the company of the horses that are living in the end of the road. Today we needed to signalise to guaranty the house. The moving will be at 14th of September. The best is that the new house will be only 5 minutes away from the present one, so the moving we hope will be more easy.

Justyna is again fighting against the time to finish and submit her last essay and now already packing our things. The next weeks will be even more crazy. Meanwhile slowly my feet are improving, at least are not worst. The biggest fight that I have everyday is to go to the toilets.

Monday, August 30, 2010

The birdcage

Here the Monday Bankholiday was an extension of the weekend, Carnival in Notting Hill and party time somewhere not too distant from where I Live but faraway from my Life. I cannot and I do not feel to be in a parties too much crowed, so we had our small party with our friends Veena, Krishna and Ben. Today I could not fully taste the great food cooked by Veena, because of also the pills that I am taking that creates a lot of ulcers in the mounth and does not allow me to eat food with spices. There, I feel as at my home, I rested with Oli in the afternoon and in the evening we all enjoy a funny and very enjoyable film, The birdcage.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Two loves

My dreams are going around my feet, I am scare about what will be the development down in the feet. If I reduce the dose of Sunitinib the pain will go away and the Cancer can be controlled or instead, I will not reduce and the feet syndrome will not pass and I will face the dramatic decision of giving up the Sunitinib. The other piece that confounds all this puzzle is another pill antibiotic that I am taking everyday, the Claritromicin, that affects the Liver and interacts negatively with Sunitinib. The weight of both pills in the Liver are enormous and the effects can be also that in the feet. In two weeks I will speak with the surgeon to ask if I can give up or even take a different antibiotic that will not interferes with the Sunitinib. For one day I thought to give up myself the antibiotic and keep the high dose of Sunitinib to see if the things would get better, but after I reconsidered and I think I should only take any decision after speak with doctors. Now they told me to keep take the antibiotic and reduce the Sunitinib from 37.5g to 25g a day to see if there is any improvement, and that is it what I should do from tomorrow. Please forgive me Justyna and Olivia but, I can say that I am divided between two loves, the Sunitinib and the Claritromicin.

All this mind games and torture self inflicted are corrode this Man, and what remains from it. The only thing that keeps sometimes this man up and fell respected is the respect that his daughter shows for him. He asks her to set the table for dinner, she follows the instructions without any comment, He asks her to bring the socks or shoes, She brings in the next second.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Missing the Sun

Here the smell is all about winter, at 6.00 PM it is already dark outside, plus the rain, is making the perfect atmosphere for a nice depression, But I am trying to not take it now. Now, the day time needs to be used fully, Morning I went as usual to the park with Olivia, but the evening it came one good news, there is a house nearby ours that Justyna went to see yesterday, that I have not seen, that has everything to be our future house. The landlord accepted our conditions, now it is dependent only from my opinion, I will see it next Tuesday. So let us up that this nightmare could be sort out soon.

Friday, August 27, 2010

For the brotherhood

I could not wait for my first day back to work, I almost could not sleep, I stood up very early, around 6.00AM I was already taking the breakfast myself, I hope I will not take this habit of waking up with the chickens from my father. In the hospital almost everybody was in holidays, the reception was empty, no costumers. The doctors for sure were playing lottery to see which one would pick up the next costumer, So it took me in lucky a nice doctor that assists Tim Myer. I reported all my complains, from the most serious to the ones less serious. Actually serious serious are two, the constipation and hemorrhoids that cannot stand the pressure, and the other one is related with the blisters in my feet. For the first one, I have been prescribed some medicines that will try to sort out It will be suppositories :)

For the second, the problem in the feet is more difficult to control, Now I will reduce the dose and if the feet it still in pain probably I will need to stop to take the Sunitinib.
Not always but nowadays whenever I am going to the hospital I come more down, Even if when I am going to the hospital I realistically do not expect nothing but I still not used to the fact of cannot dream. I was coming back home I was in the train thinking that I do not have any objectives of life, nothing that I want to achieve, The Dreams are not anymore for me because even the dreams are made for who dreams to to leave the Dream. It is not my case.

At home I lay down for a few seconds, but after I told to myself that I cannot board again in the same boat that stays in the same place, going nowhere, so I dressed and I went out to a Shop that were asking for volunteers, that we saw when we were coming home before. Guess? Tomorrow I will dropped my application to help in the charity shop Cancer Research. As my friend Henrique would tell, now on I will work for all the partners with Cancer, for the brotherhood. Meanwhile Justyna attacked other front, she already went to see some houses today.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

End of the holidays

Today finished the Holidays or estival season, The weather is not appealing any more for baths in the beach and tomorrow I will be back to my full time work, going back to the hospital. I will have opportunity to speak with the doctor about the side effects from the pills that I am taking, that are a lot. I am just concerned if because of that they will reduce or will take out that pills, And I am not sure if I will need them very much. Nevertheless, the Life will carry on. After more than a month today we catch up again with Shubhy and Tom, good to know that they also have a great time in holidays.
Regarding to my house, today the landlord confirmed that she wants us out from home soon as possible. It will be already the 6th time we will move out. No complains, the life is too short to complain about anything.

As a present, today I will leave a classic from the time I met Justyna, so already 5 years ago. She was already very pretty.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Two halves

Olivia and me took the day to rest, the afternoon rhymed with bed for us. It is the accumulated tiredness but also the dark weather that invite us to valley of the sheets. In the morning we received the visit of a friend of a friend that asked to follow the development of Olivia for a period of time. This will be integrated in a study that she is doing in the University. She seems nice and she only will need to see Olivia for a short periods of time, So we will try. Olivia by now is like a sponge, how easily she picks up the words, Portuguese and Polish, She is already comfortable with short sentences. Nappy is also already part of her history. But she is also in a stage that she does not want to give kisses, to interact too much with who she does not know very well, She wants to discover everything by herself, Sam as she says.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Where is the beach?

Olivia have reasons to be a bit down, Today she tried to go to the beach in front of the house, In fact there was sand but the water was only from the rain, and plus the weather that was freezing. I went out only on heavy clothes. This week we have the company of Anetchen.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Volta á vidinha

I am already writing this lines in the comfort of my house in London, Outside there is the proper chili as I expected. But I am happy, We left in Portugal some very nice days, with a lot of happiness. This morning we went to say goodbye to the bar in Benagil and of course even with a lot of pain again in the foot I could not resist with the help of Justyna to jump for the last time in the water. Olivia was so happy in the plane that made the trip easier and quicker.

Luckily when we arrived in Bristol we had our friend Sergio to picks up, other wise I do not know how I will find energies to come home.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

End of the Summer

The last full day we wanted to recall the best of this days, then we went to pass the afternoon in the Benagil beach and enjoying great salads as a lunch in the small but lovely lota bar down in the beach. After few steps we were in the beach, Olivia as us will miss the noise of the waves and the smell of the algae. Tomorrow we will be back already to London and it will be expecting for us a different season for sure.

Meanwhile Justyna received already the mark from her last essay and it was again a very good grade, 80%.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Storm of friends

It is not only a storm in the Sea that we been witnessed but also a storm of friends around us, Today we had the visit of our friend Miriam that came from Olhao. It was a calm and relaxed time. In the evening we went for a fantastic dinner in the Ezequiel Restaurant, by the way the name is Tennis Snack bar and it is in Portimao, sorry about the advertisement, even if he does not need, seeing is house full. Thank you to Ezequiel and Ana and also to Julieta and Zeca for the invitation. A long time I have not tasted such a good cataplana.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Jumping forward

It was a full and fulfil day with the visit of my friends Pedro & Celia and Paulo & Cristina and daughters Mafalda and Matilde. Good time around. No more space for beach, for good food but essentially for good laugh and friendship spirit.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Skin burnt

The work of Justyna has been sent already to London , We are trying to compensate now with more beach and Sun, I caught so much Sun that I ended up with skin burnt, just now in the end of the holidays. We went to the beach in the morning and in the evening after Olivia slept. Today we had again hot bread for dinner and the visit of our cousins Julieta, Zeca and Ana.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Last week

We are already under the effect of the last days in the Algarve. Today there was nothing crazy just relaxing and stay close to the family, Lunch was à do tio Arnaldo and dinner á da tia Leta. The weather has been less hot but it looks that will gonna change until Saturday. Regarding to my apartment in Palmela, today there was good news, it is almost rented.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Adam was in the Algarve

The life is like that, the good days coming always after a less goods, This a thought that comforts me often. Firstly, we went to see my small cousin Roben, It was a joy to see the little brave.

In the evening there was a reason to celebrate, as Justyna finished her Essay, Thus, we had a dinner with prawns to celebrate again one more work done. Olivia it is such a great friend that decided to go to sleep earlier, So we took advantage of the avó and me and Justyna departed for a wild adventure alone, I do not remember last time we went out in the night alone. It was not long time and there was no plans, probably just a cafe or tea, So we went to the Benagil beach, but the water was so warm and looking for us a mirror that Justyna did not escaped from the temptation for swim in the sea, After, although I had some pain in the feet and have not got clothes under, I did my craziest thing in the last years, I joined Justyna in the water completely naked. It was such a sensation of being with Justyna surrounded by all that massive water. From outside if somebody was observing would say there was a guy in the water similar to the famous Adam, just without any leaf to cover the front line. For 5 minutes we were a child during the time another child was sleeping.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Night walks

Justyna still busy closed inside her office trying to finish soon as possible her duties in order to could enjoy the last week in Algarve, slowly her job is taking shape. Meanwhile, we are going everywhere to distract ourselves, shopping and visit family. Today we went to see the cousin Carla, Olivia played with Marta and Miguel. Olivia was also very happy to receive the clothes from Marta.

Before dinner we visited the animals from aunt and uncle Isabelle and Arnaldo, Olivia loves to see the porks, chicken, rabbits and birds. But it was after the dinner when all the family relaxed during our night walk, today we even counted with a cricket that follow us.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


The relation between the cousins are definitely better than last year, even if with some threats but Olivia still have not used her most powerful weapon, the teeth against her cousin whenever to defend her territory, This fact gave me a much more peace. It is true they are still fighting for everything, To satisfy them it would be necessary to have two bicycles exactly similar. The same with a bucket and spade in the beach. When one wants a yogurt the other must have the same. This a very difficult gymnastic.

I am trying to have as much plums as possible for my bellyache, because there is an old saying that states the policemen releases but the plums releases.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lack of solidarity

Our friends left already, Filipe and Claudia to Lisbon and Kasha and Rafi to London. It was a very funny week. But the time is flying and we have now just one more week for us, Justyna needs to work hard to finish the Essay until the end of the next week. She is a bit distress. Meanwhile me and Olivia are going to the beach. I would love that I could help Justa but it is not my field.

Sabor autentico

It was an authentic great day in the beach, the water was warm, weather perfect and in my modesty the beach that I choose was also good, we went to Vale Centianos beach. We enjoyed the water and after we had a great meal in a restaurant over the beach. Because in the afternoon I was not in such a pain in the feet I decided to take advantage so then in the evening we still went for a night walk over the Armacao de Pera.