Thursday, October 1, 2009

The yellow house

No, I will have mercy of you and do not act anymore. The week are passing tranquil, We are all relaxing, I did not hear any complain, actually it can be felt already in the air some nostalgia for the good time in Shuby's house, Here nobody is missing our tight flat and without garden in the backyards. Also in a 4th floor it will be dangerous to have a garden in the backdoor.

Olivia is using all the extra space to run around and also to improve her skills as a chef, trying to copy mummy in the kitchen, She opens all the cupboards, taking all the plates and sometimes breaking some other cups, In this mix I hope she will be good as Justyna. The richness of her cuisine should be memorable given her Polish, Portuguese influences and by the way English as well.

At the same time I had a go in my new experience of drawing, Of course I needed to chose to draw the Sunflowers in tribute to Van Gogh, But the pieces are not comparable :( The atmosphere in the house are great with the sounds in the background of Olivia and Tazz giving me a heaven's inspiration. In the evening to relax Olivia suffered with me watching football, luckily Sporting won this time, Olivia was radiant.

Tomorrow we will be again busy and guess why? We have a trip to the Royal Free Hospital, given the first appointment be at 9.00 I will need to leave Shuby's house very early, I am thinking to sing to the bus driver to ask him to speed up the bus, probably will be good to sing the old lyric #Sr. chofer, por favor ponha o pé no acelerador, se chocar nao faz mal vamos todos para o hospital, Hospital de St. Maria que é uma grande porcaria# I hope this would result. Thus, in the morning I will have my first appointment with physiotherapist because my back pain and later in the afternoon I will see the dermatologist because of my scalp, Tomorrow I should have news about the biopsy done to the scalp.

Lastly to wish a happy birthday to Veena, Shame that we could not meet today, but we had a toast for you. We are happy to see you one more year younger.

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