Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gesture History II

In the follow up of my huge research for the Annals of History I will leave few more signs that without we knowing represents centuries of History for the Men in my small World.
With the next ones I will finish this chapter.

This gestures of representing somebody beheaded means the target will be in serious troubles if is not already. This case, a Portuguese guy will be in problems if he does not change is behavior into the hands of a Polish woman.

Snapping fingers, showing that we are ready for some action, or better we think we are ready.

As you know superstitions is something that started back to the origins of the Human being, and the Figas, sign of good luck has been registered one of the firsts

Fingers crossed, Synonym of the one before, Good luck

Passing several times the hands in the head and accompanied of the sound ufff says that we are out of trouble just for an inch or some populars used the word pintelho.

This is the apposite to the one before, here we are just about to be in troubles

Granda Melao or big head, Basically somebody is very embarrassed, He promised but not delivered

Some husband has been cheated, Heavy head. This normally in countries as in Portugal is a big offence

Toma, Embrulha. I am glad that someone understood where is his place

Clean hands like Pilate

A gesture eternalized by the big figure of Abreu. Someone puts money to his own pocket

I do not care, Is not my business

This is an International sign, and means Of Course in India, What is a contradiction to the way we say in Europe

Fosga-se, Chissa, Por um triz, From this one I am relief

Alto e para o baile. Stop, it is enough

I could not stand without showing my Polish skills, So this one means that he is very drank

And now as a bonus the make of of the serial

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