Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tom Tom

The Holidays has finished to Shubhy as well as for us. We left home and we are now back to our house. The last week was very restful and inspired for what it is coming. I have the best memories always associated to Shubhy's house, I got always extra energy whenever I am going there. This time Shuby and her sons were in India and we had the company of Tom and Tazz. Tom is a great friend, is a model for Olivia, for Justyna and overall for me. Behind his unlimited kindness his wisdom is vast, The best counselor that we have for our problems and to helps navigating sometimes in storms. He does not need tomtoms only his iPhone let him go anywhere.

Before we come to our house we did a big shopping in the preparation for the guests that area coming tomorrow, It will arrive Justyna's brother & Magda and Elisa, Olivia will have more time to play with her cousin.

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