Monday, October 12, 2009


Elisa is leaving us tomorrow, She is going back to Poland, Olivia and us are already missing her sweaty and innocent smile, I hope she also enjoyed to staying with us, I believe she had contact with a lots of new things. We had learnt with with her as well. Special capacity to fly and dream when we most of the time have already lost it before some adventure. Flying and keep dreaming is something that I am trying more than ever to keep this flame on.
The evening I had a lesson of drawing and painting. It is getting more difficult for a person as me without any basis, But because of that also more challenging, For the experts in the room it was monotonous, So the task was to draw a set of bottles with cylindrical shapes, For this it was necessary to use measuring, proportions and shading techniques. In the end I was quite happy with this experience.

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