Thursday, October 29, 2009

Housing hunt

As I said several times this marathon is also about to try to be rational, in the good moments keep the feet on the ground but also in the bad moments be calm and do not despair. Sometimes there is a temptation to throw the towel to the floor to save pain and suffering but in those moments the best counselor is a good rest. Normally, I do with myself as I do with my mobile phone, putting on charge in the night.
Today was one of those bad days that I needed to take some strong breath in to remind me that everything will be alright in spite of all, Now it is the pain in the bowels that is worrying me, always that I eat the bowls strangles to digest, the food gets stake in somewhere. Few times I almost felt to collapse.

This afternoon we started our hunt for our next hut, the place was fine and had garden but the light was not enough for us. The light as the green space around will be the decisive factor in our future option. You should be thinking by this time, Why is this guys always moving, The reason is my aim, I am looking to recover from each operation in a different home :)

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Luís Ganhão said...

Hélder, hopefully you will found a fantastic new house where you will live without looking for a new one... and don't forget...

Doing the pelvis dance ;-)