Sunday, October 25, 2009

Living clockwise

I was looking forward to take advantage from the changing of the time last night, perhaps get one more hour sleep, but No, almost all the night I did not fall asleep. Different things contributed for that, Olivia, nervous, anxiety and also the sleeping time have been already swapped since a while ago. Thus, in the morning I woke up very sleepy and could not enjoy the sensation of getting one more hour in my Life. I will have the next six months to recover in order to do not suffer too much with the BST, That change in March is the worst to our body gets used.
It is amazing how the man created such a thing as the Time and become a slave of his own creation, For me the time tells me what to do when I do not know what to do. If it is lunch time I will sat down looking for food, If my owner-the Time approaches midnight I will laid down and waiting desperately for the sleepiness arrives. And I would never contradict my Lord, I could not afford to see him shorten my precious time, and knowing that we are always fighting with the lack of time this would be unbearable. I opted to follow the Law of the time. Only Olivia it did not bend yet to the rules of the dictatorship of the Time, Soon she she also will know what to count depending what the clockwise marks.

With so many changes I planned a very quiet day, just a go to the church, park and the rest at home.

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