Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Life in the folder

When today I went for the appointment with Dr Fusai even if more or less I should expect all what could be said, but even though I was the same as usual, very nervous and focus in the time of get inside for the appointment. To distract and help me to pass the time I went alone for a walk in the Park before the hospital. In the end the nervous and tension that I felt had its reasons, today I would not listen any answer. A doctor from Fusai team said what we listen few months ago, that the problem found in the gland is not serious and he wants to see me only in three months, After that I was in panic, Because the oncologist few days ago said exactly the opposite, the tumour had grown and must come out as soon as possible. I could not believe, it was difficult to keep the strengths to argue and explain our reasons. Afterwards he understood that should be some misunderstand and went for a conversation with Dr Fusai. During that waiting time in his room me and Justyna did not want to believe that I will live with a Cancer inside even if it is not dangerous now.

But fortunately Dr Fusai came around and apologised for the fact that he did not meet yet with the Oncologist Dr Tim Meyar and he is also not updated with results from the Gallium scan, so he does not know the situation. Therefore he asked me to come in a week and by that time he will already discussed the situation and will tell me what to do. So, only after that we could relax and live in peace ...until next week.

I am sure that I am already well known in the corridors of the Hospital, not for myself but essential for my history, that is enclosed in a multi thousand pages folder, Wherever I go the process is there, weighting around 4 kilograms and almost the size of a desk, It is funny to see the doctors consulting my papers literally they need to embrace the pile. So much proud and tenure I fell for my folder . When I call for my appointments normally I introduce myself as the Helder of that big folder in front of you.

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