Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I swear I am not hypochondriac, but I am still in the expectation about the flu development, for now it looks stable, is not better but also not worst. Although, I hope you will forgive my arrogance but I think I have the right to be a bit hypochondriac, Tush, if I had not Primary Pancreatic Carcinoma, with metastases in Liver and in some gland close to stomach, splenectomy, Gallbladder removed, Osteophyte or bicos de papagaio, scoliosis, Diabetes, asthma, nail fungus, scalp fungus, astigmatism, eczema in the breast and sometimes in the penis, problems in the knees. Mon amis it is ridiculous but I am also Hypochondriac, What can I do.

Above that today I was a little nervous before the Endoscopy, I suppose some anxiety to know the results. Sometimes our life and goodwill depends or it is in the edge, depending from a doctor's sentence to pull us to the other side of the wall. It is a mater of a minute.
This time I asked for sedation to be more relax during the Endoscopy. The doctor who performed was from Dr Caplin and Tim Myer team, And fortunately the news were good, There is no evidence of carcinoid, Nevertheless as routine they took some samples of the stomach tissue. Thus, my short future is back to the oncologist in 23 of October to all be decided.

The day was very wet, what did not help to show London to Gregory, Magda and small Eliza, Actually wet London should be the real London. Both Oli and Eliza are not used to play with other kids, but for now they are getting on very well, It is nice to listen them laugh.


jorge henriques said...


Julgo que hipócondriaco nâo serás mas coleccionador acho que sim hehe
O rol já é de respeito mas o que interessa é que as maleitas vâo sendo curadas força para mais essa etapa.
beijocas para as princesas
Um abraço

Carla said...

Olá Helder e Princesas!

Que bom que o resultado da endoscopia foi favorável. Quanto às "maleitas", belo compêndio de medicina, ou diria antes que currículo tão bem recheado!!!
Beijos para todos

Carla Damásio