Wednesday, October 7, 2009


In order to play in the save side I went ahead to see the doctor regarding to my semi-flu, The GP prescribe a spray to fight the inflammation and soar throat, The antibiotic is left for the last resort in case if appear any fever, It is difficult this thin balance between be healthy enough to be ready for the most probably next operation and save the poor Liver from the toxic medication.

In the afternoon I was taking advantage of the rain outside and I kept at home, just doing some painting and drawing exercises, It is very relaxing. Shame that Justyna cannot follow me, she is always doing something, never stops, like an ant, the only difference is the fact that she also does the visible work. This days she is enjoying to have his brother, Magda and Eliza around.

I am looking forward for tomorrow, It will be my first session in the swimming pool, and apparently the weather forecast is predicting a sunny day :)

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Anonymous said...

"The forecast is predicting a sunny day"? Deves estar a ver um canal diferente do meu!
Diverte-te amanha na piscina, espero que te alivie as dores de costas. Folgo tambem em saber que muito provavelmente nao tens complicacoes no estomago.
Um abraco.
Pedro (Highgate)