Monday, October 19, 2009


My condition of habitue in Hospitals makes me reflect how am I still alive, I been reading the book about Famine in the Ireland, as you know it was a time in the middle of XIX century when a lot of Irish people perished due to the blight in the potato and also the lack of support from their stronger neighbour. The context is chaotic and really touching, The too old and too young found extra difficult to survive in the context of starvation, where everybody fights to survive. I cannot find a better period to witness the rule of the fittest, and the natural selection of the humanity law working. Fortunately, I born in different century and also I am Human being, even if sometimes does not look, otherwise a while ago I would be already lost the fight to survive and would be considered only a trouble, eating but no producing. For example it was only already last century that the diabetes become a disease not mortal. Therefore, I am grateful to the medicine but also to some organization that our civilization reached and to the most spirit of compassion of the Humanity. It is values that I wish all of you should keep in our minds and hearts, ever.

The muscles had today another lesson in the physiotherapy session, I had acupuncture, but in reality it did not work so well, today I have been feeling a lot of pain in the back, so I think from here will not come the solution to my back pain.

Tomorrow I hope I will be better to have a good day with my fluffy Justyna, She will be a baby tomorrow :)

This, where the people survive

Here it is where I born, plenty of food:)

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Carla said...

Parabéns à Justina!!!

Que tenham tido um dia bom!

Beijinhos tomarenses

Carla Damásio