Saturday, October 3, 2009

Never enough words

Windy Saturday blown outside, It is amazing how the weather influences the mood, So you can see already that I was not in the top today, But I believe there is always something good out from each day, This day I am not sure what. I been thinking I might need to invent new words to better describe my feelings. It is true we always used words already invented and used by other people. But if we having different experiences, emotions and humors unfortunately we will be always imprisoned by the existed words. In the end all are clichés.
I was reflecting about that, for example in Poland there is dozens of words to describe the snow depending for what type, also in China there is hundreds of words just for the different yellow colour. If each society get their own set of words and extension of vocabulary, why not each person not have also his own list of words according to his sensibility and his tastes.

Now, I need to leave as it is starting the movie session, the movie is a western, Three Burials and the audience is me and Tom. I have hope the movie will boost my mood :)


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