Friday, October 23, 2009

Non stop

I will never get used to this big Fridays when I am meeting the Oncologist, It starts in the night before, The sleepless keeps me wandering in all kind of thoughts, result I am so tired and nervous in the morning but fortunately it is not me who needs to take decisions, Today I need to apologise to everybody, to Justyna and even to the doctor, I was bite over me, skimming the rudeness.

When I went inside the room for the appointment it was difficult to wait for what was the most important for me, The doctor took a couple of minutes to check all the results from the biopsy collected in the last endoscopy, During that time I looked in his screen and I saw so many things highlighted and combined with the time of waiting for his sentence I feared more troubles, In that long time I tried to cheat the destiny, just whistling to myself and look around the walls. But in the end the doctor said that the results are all normal and Justyna touched me and I felt much more released, So the next move will be the operation to remove that gland that produced the tumor. For coincidence I will meet the operator already next Tuesday so I hope I will get a date for the surgery, The operator should be my official fixer, the Dr Fusai. I will definitely ask him this time to incorporate a Zip in my belly in order to avoid more cuts in the future.

My body soon will look like the must popular prostitute in ancient Greece, wide open, With all the respects for the oldest profession of the humanity.

After the appointment we kept the tradition of going to the Hampstead Heath Park to relax and distend our bodies, After all this, as you can imagine the Sun in the face, the singing of the birds and Olivia pushing for me gets extra value, All the rest is not so important. Afterwards, I went again inside the Royal Free Hospital to have another physiotherapy session, a session of massages. During that time Olivia did a friend in the Park a small baby that also is fighting against the Cancer since her 6 months old. Big kiss to Luna. It is all the people that in same way is suffering and are not happy today that not allows me to be on the top at this moment. For my gift I treated myself with two books that I bought in a second hand shop, I look forward to start to read them.

In the afternoon my body asked for rest and I gave it. A good sleep with a good sound in the background, Very good time. In the evening Kasia & Rafi came to visit us, It was splendid way to finished the day together and accompanied with a lot of delicious snacks.

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Carla said...

Olá Helder e Princesas!

ficamos contentes com o resultado da biópsia. Agora, o próximo passo... um de cada vez...

Beijinhos para todos,

Carla Damásio