Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Portuguese Man o' War

There is a deep sensation in my soul of been imprisoned, There is no plans, Even the dreams are constrained by the limits of reasonableness and surrounded of fears, right now I would like to be where I cannot be and could do what I am not able to do, The days are dark not only outside, but also inside, I cannot explain how having Olivia, all what I dreamt throughout my life and even though not been full happy, how sad it is. The days are sliding to somewhere I do not know where, and it is frightening to be on board of a caravel that goes to the unknown, there is no guaranties of a save port, abyss could be the destiny.

I am feeling a drift in an immense Ocean, without any means of propulsion, not been owning of my own future. What takes me through the days are the invisible hope and faith as the winds and waves that guides the jelly fish to the shore.

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