Thursday, October 22, 2009

My grandson Fozzy

Last night it was difficult to have a good sleep, and I will not be too much surprise if tonight I would experience the same, It is too much in game for tomorrow, but nevertheless I know that will be more life after tomorrow. The Oncologist will tell me what they found out in the stomach, I hope nothing apart of a piece of bread and some beans, and overall what will be the next move. It is a shame that in this appointments there is no space for negotiation between me and the Oncologist, He is always right, I need to accept straight his price. At least if we could agree something, like the next operation would be also the last one, mean that I would be release forever, but He does not accept this agreements, I understand, it is his job, he needs clients :)

Today surprisingly we found ourselves with another mouth to feed at home, Olivia appeared at home with a baby, Apparently I have a grandson Teddy bear, His body has some resemblances with me, special been hairy.

In the evening when we were coming home a lady was shouting on the phone and sat down in the edge of one bridge, like if she intended to jump, we were terrified but I think we did the best option calling to the Police, in couple of minutes came a big contingent of cops and smoothly they sort out with the help of a friend of that lady that come also around, Afterwards we could come home much more relax.

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Ana Cristina said...

I see you are doing well!

I must start by apologizing to Justina for my late wishes of an HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! My wishes are the best... :D

For tomorrow I have just the best thoughts and energies.

I'm always with you.

Lots of big huggs and kisses
prima Ana